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Everyone knows that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why so many of us go out of our way to present our best selves while we go about our day. Your front doors also make a big impression. 

What impression is your office making on your clients and visitors? You might have a smiling and professional team, but if your office isn’t giving off the right impression, you won’t get clients in the front door.

In today’s post, we’ll take an in-depth look at one of the most important aspects to making a quality first impression:  Your front doors.

Your front doors say a lot about your business. Let’s examine the symbolism of a front door and take a look at what your door is telling clients about your business.

Your Commercial Front Entry Doors are Symbolic

The door is one of the first things that your clients and visitors see as they approach your office. At first glance, a door is just a way to walk into a room. Look a little deeper, though, and you’ll see that doors are highly symbolic.

One symbolism of a door is that of crossing the threshold. Once you step through that door, you’ll be in an entirely new world. You have committed to crossing over.

Another way to look at it is that doors represent a new beginning. You’re leaving the past behind and stepping into something new. This might mean new business opportunities, new partners, or new deals.

It may seem like we’re overthinking things, and maybe we are. However, one thing is for certain:  Your clients are thinking about what’s beyond your front door. They might not be musing about all the symbolism involved with your front door, but subconsciously, potential customers are receiving the messages that are being communicated by your front doors.

Your Doors Give Your First Impression

Your front doors create the first impression that customers will have as they enter your place of business. These doors should perfectly encapsulate the look and feel of your office. It should set the tone for what they’re about to see. Your commercial front entry doors will dictate what they think about your office or workplace. Consider making an investment today in the way that people will view your place of business.

Visitors and clients are often quick to make snap judgments about the places they visit. If your door isn’t giving off a good first impression, it could damage the way that the visitor thinks about your business. They might think that your business isn’t doing well or that you don’t invest in security. Either way, it won’t do you any favors when it comes to winning over their business.

Commercial Building Front Doors:  What Are They Communicating?

If you were to visit a business and the door to their office was run down, damaged, and showed its age, what would you think about the business? You might think they aren’t doing well enough to buy a new door or that they are represented by that door.

Clients do the same when they visit your workplace. If your business isn’t putting its best foot forward with quality commercial front doors, then it’s going to do damage to how people view your business.

The type of door that you choose for your front door will also play a role in what people subconsciously think about your business. A steel door might convey strength, while a wooden door might convey positivity.

One thing that is for certain is that a run down or damaged door will give off a bad first impression. It will show that you don’t care about investing in your building, which might translate to not investing in your business.

Make a Good First Impression:  Upgrade Your Front Doors

Having quality commercial building front doors will give off the right impression. They might not do all the work for you -- you’ll still need to make a good first impression -- but they’ll do their part. A clean, sturdy front door will say that you care about your business and you care about the impression that you’re making.

If you’re looking for a new quality front door, we’ve got you covered. Browse our inventory of front doors to see how you can make a better first impression.







January 20, 2021
Wayne Foreman