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Four Types of Door Plates to Protect Your Door

Commercial doors endure a significant amount of wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. To safeguard these essential entry points, protection plates play a crucial role. CDF Distributors offers a diverse range of protection plates designed to keep doors looking new despite constant use. In this guide, we'll delve into the four main types of protection plates and their applications, providing insights to help you make informed choices for your commercial doors.

  1. Door Mop Plate: A simple yet effective solution, the door mop plate is installed on the pull side at the bottom of the door and can reach up to 6” in height. This type of protection plate is ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount. Consider using door mop plates to shield doors during cleaning activities, such as mopping or vacuuming. They add an extra layer of defense against scratches and damage caused by routine maintenance.

Range in Height: (up to 6")

  1. Door Kick Plates: Among the most common forms of commercial door protection, kick plates are installed on the push side at the bottom of the door and can vary in height from 8” to 16”. Perfect for doors experiencing heavy foot traffic, especially in areas like public restrooms, kick plates offer robust defense against scuffs and marks. Their strategic placement ensures that doors remain pristine, even in bustling environments where people might use their foot to push or keep doors open.












Range in Height (8" to 16")

Door Stretcher (Push) Plate: Designed for specialized purposes, stretcher plates can be installed on either side of the door. Typically mounted near the middle of the door, these plates range in height from 8” to 16”. Healthcare facilities, in particular, benefit from stretcher plates, which protect doors from stretcher/gurney traffic or potential impacts from hospital beds. The versatility of stretcher plates makes them a valuable addition to facilities with unique needs.

Range in Height (8" to 16")

  1. Door Armor Plates: For doors facing the challenge of accommodating carts, rolling beds, or other equipment, door armor plates are the solution. Installed on the lower half of the push side, these plates typically range in height from 18” to 48”. Much like stretcher plates, the height of door armor plates is tailored to the specific needs of the facility. These heavy-duty plates provide comprehensive protection against potential damage caused by the movement of equipment through door openings.

Range in Height (18" to 48")

CDF Distributors understands the importance of preserving the integrity of commercial doors in various settings. By offering a range of protection plates, each designed with specific use cases in mind, CDF Distributors ensures that your doors remain in top-notch condition. Invest in the longevity of your doors with CDF Distributors' quality protection plates.

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