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How a Louvered Door Can Spruce Up a Workplace

When it comes to improving your workplace, most people tend to forget about doors. They focus on walls and floors, adding paint or carpet, or perhaps even a unique touch like wallpaper or wood paneling. 

But the fact is that doors are not only an essential part of your building’s infrastructure; they’re also a big part of your commercial property’s aesthetics. When you focus on choosing the right door for your facility, you should make sure to choose doors that fit both form and function.

One way to ensure that you get the most value from your doors is to consider louvered doors. Louvers, which are vents made of slats installed horizontally across an opening, provide additional airflow between rooms separated by a door, and you can even install them in fire doors. Let’s take a moment and consider how a louvered door can make your workplace even better.

Improved Air Circulation

Believe it or not, indoor air quality is often much worse than the air outside your home or business. In fact, OSHA provides several guidelines for protecting workers who may be exposed to poor indoor air quality and how companies can adjust their work environments to make them safer.

The most important part of improving your indoor air quality is to work on your building’s airflow and ventilation system. While this usually means addressing the HVAC system, adding louvers to doors can help keep air flowing throughout the building. Free-flowing air will allow you to equalize temperature better while also filtering out particulates more efficiently.

Reduce Bad Smells

There are some areas of your commercial property where bad smells can tend to build up. By installing louvered doors, you can help reduce those unpleasant aromas. Here are the doors that benefit the most from installing a louver:

  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Utility rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Storage

By increasing airflow, you can help keep these bad smells from collecting, keeping your office’s scene much more pleasant. Better air quality does wonders for productivity and obviously makes for a more satisfying customer experience.

Better Security

Several parts of any commercial property need security from intruders. But while a simple locked door may be okay for some areas, others require more ventilation, both to cool equipment and prevent gases like carbon dioxide from building up to dangerous levels.

Installing a louvered door provides you the ventilation you need to keep everything working. For instance, utility rooms can cause buildups in potentially hazardous fumes if not correctly ventilated, and most HVAC systems require louvers to keep air flowing. That can also prevent areas from experiencing pressure differentials, which can place additional strain on HVAC systems.

Keep Your Technology Safe

Commercial properties these days depend on significant amounts of technology to keep their businesses running. While technology has made much of our lives easier, it also means we face other challenges in keeping technology running at its best.

Take server rooms, for instance. These rooms must remain secured to prevent unauthorized people from accessing sensitive equipment and potentially wreaking havoc on your system. However, server rooms need to be kept cool—no higher than 77 degrees—to prevent that equipment from malfunctioning. 

One way to help regulate the temperature is to secure your server room with a louvered door. The louver will let excess heat escape the room, while cooler air from outside can filter in.

Louvered Fire Doors

Most commercial properties need fire doors in order to keep the building and the people inside safe from smoke and flames. However, that doesn’t mean that these doors can’t also have louvers in them. 

Most fire doors can be outfitted with a fusible link louver. These pieces of hardware automatically close when the temperature rises due to fire. That way, you can still install louvers where you need them while not having to worry about whether your fire doors will work effectively.

Any time you’re considering sprucing up your workplace, contact CDF Distributors to find out which doors will give you both the security and the aesthetic appeal you need. With warehouses throughout the country, we can ship your doors at lightning speed without the runaround. Contact us today! 







September 20, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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