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We see commercial doors in every building in the country—including schools, public spaces, and businesses. If you’re picking outdoors for your establishment, you’re probably a little concerned about the timeline. Commercial door installation does require some planning, but it doesn’t take as long as you might think.

It will take a contractor anywhere from about 30 minutes to an hour to install a commercial door. The length of time depends on the skill of the person performing the installation and the type of door being installed. Working with a trusted company can help reduce the time of your project and ensure things go smoothly.

What Does Commercial Door Installation Involve?

It may seem like installing commercial doors is a simple process. I mean, how much could it involve? Screw in the hinges, and you’re done, right? Actually, there’s much more to it, and depending on your set-up and building, there may be quite a few steps involved.

Here are some things your commercial door installation project could involve:

Working with the right contractors can help minimize the time spent on your project. A skilled team can install doors more quickly and will be able to coordinate delivery easily.

How to Choose The Right Doors

There are many factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for your perfect doors. Here are some things to consider on your own and to discuss with your installer:

Door Material

One of the first things to consider is the material of your doors. You’ll want to select a material that’s within your budget and can withstand your needs. You’ll also want to prioritize an attractive door if you’re installing inside office space or other commercial space.

Fiberglass is a very durable material and doesn’t require much maintenance. However, it is a little more expensive than other materials. A combination of glass and aluminum works well for storefronts because it’s also affordable and attractive.

Steel doors are incredibly durable, and this material is used for security. You’ll see them most often in factories or warehouses.

Security and Safety

A very important concern is how secure you need your door to be. Some doors are fire-resistant, and this is an important point for many businesses.

Any commercial doors rated for fires should have a satisfactory fire protection rating. All commercial doors should be rated to withstand the extreme heat of a fire for at least 20 minutes so that any customers or employees can exit safely.

The material of your door will also play into how secure it is. For instance, if you have a warehouse, you should use a highly-durable material, like steel, that’s also fire-resistant. Keeping the people in your establishment safe is always a priority, so it’s not something to be overlooked.

Installation Requirements

When installing commercial doors, you need to think of how it will impact your business. If you’re installing external doors, you may need to enlarge your entryway temporarily to allow for a company to continue. You’ll also need to think about the timeframe of the project and address any safety concerns.

Aesthetics and Functionality

When selecting new doors for your establishment, you want to pick ones that suit the business. Your doors are a “first impression,” so you will want to go with attractive ones that match the rest of your building.

Office buildings in particular often feature decorative doors. With ever-evolving modern workspaces, it’s important to select doors that work with the flow of your office space and are attractive to employees and clients.

Your project timeline will depend on your door materials, construction, and how many doors you need. When selecting an installer, discuss the project timeline thoroughly before starting to ensure full understanding.

CDF Distributors for All Your Commercial Door Needs

If you need commercial door installation for your establishment, look no further than the team at CDF Distributors. We can distribute to any location in the U.S. thanks to our eight warehouses and can usually deliver within five days or less. Build a quote today to get started.









November 12, 2021
Wayne Foreman