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How to Choose the Best Glass Size for Your Commercial Door

Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

Many commercial doors feature glass, whether as an accent or as the main design element. It’s essential to select the right glass size for your door, which can depend on aspects like privacy and regulations. To choose the best size glass for your door, consider these key factors:

Understand the Components

Commercial glass doors all have similar construction. 

The glass sits atop setting blocks toward the bottom of the door. Glass stops will clip into the bottom rail to hold the glass in place. The door stiles are to the left and right of the glass, and above is the top rail. A rubber glazing vinyl will create a barrier between the glass stop and the glass itself, so it doesn’t touch the door. 

Understanding the basics of the component names can make shopping more manageable because you will have a better idea of what to look for to best suit your business. 

Think About Thickness

Glass thickness is another factor you’ll want to consider. There are some commonly used thicknesses, like ¼” or 3/16”, but some doors may have ⅝” or even 1” insulated glass. 

It’s a good idea to double-check the size if you plan to buy insulated glass. Not all glass stops in commercial doors can accommodate insulated glass. And since the thicknesses are less standard, there’s a chance you could accidentally receive the wrong size glass stops.

Assemble the Door, then Measure

There shouldn’t be any guesswork in buying the glass for your door. 

That’s why it’s best to measure after the door is assembled, even when you have the measurements from the manufacturer. It’s possible the measurements could be off, and measurements that are even a bit wrong will result in glass that doesn’t fit, causing you to lose valuable time and money.

Proper assembly is equally important in deciding the right glass size as well. Doors that are put together haphazardly could cause your measurements to vary. It’s wise to wait until you fully assemble the door with each tie rod fastened tightly to get the most accurate reading.

Get Precise Measurements

Pre-measuring your door is the best way to ensure you get the right size glass. You can use a helpful diagram to assist you in measuring your door. What measurements are most important for your type of door will depend on a few factors; for example, a single glass door will need different measurements from a double glass door

You’ll want precise measurements of the glass as well. These measurements could be less hands-on if you’re ordering from an online distributor. But don’t hesitate to confirm and ask a qualified expert any questions that could steer you in the right direction.

Also, keep in mind that, if you’re installing glass in an existing door, it’ll need to fit between the top and bottom rails and between the door stiles, so it’s good to have those measurements as well. Having these numbers is also helpful if you’re interested in having a certain glass-to-door ratio.


Where is the door you’re installing glass into located? For some businesses, privacy is paramount, so the size and type of glass you install will matter. 

Retail businesses will likely want a large, expansive glass size to help customers see the inside of the store easily or to allow large groups of people in and out. However, a medical office or a spa often uses the glass in the door as an accent, so the panel will likely be smaller.

It’s important to note that some styles of glass that promote privacy, like tinted or frosted glass, could fit differently in a door than regular glass. This is why considering privacy early on is essential.

Regulatory Requirements

The International Building Code (IBC) details specific parameters for commercial properties that want to add or install new doors. And since these codes affect the doors, they’ll also impact the size of the glass you buy. Get acquainted with crucial information about these requirements to help you make a more informed choice.

Quality Commercial Doors for Your Business

No matter what kind of glass you need, you’ll want a dependable, top-quality commercial door to fit it in. CDF Distributors carries a wide range of industrial and commercial doors with fast and secure shipping — see what’s in store for you today!









January 4, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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