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How to Find the Best Commercial Doors for Your Restroom

Best Commercial Doors for Your Restroom

The state of your public restroom says a lot about your business. When it comes to your bathrooms, the details are significant, including the doors, which can give clients and visitors their first impressions of your professional services.

Commercial restroom doors come in a wide array of styles, materials, and colors. Though they may feel less critical than some of the other details in your business, they're worth putting some consideration into. Here are some guidelines for selecting the best commercial restroom doors.

Design Aspects

Some elements of restroom doors are standard across all kinds of commercial businesses. Others might be unique to your company. Here are some things to think about from a design standpoint.


Most commercial restroom doors swing inward, toward the stalls. You can probably imagine the issues they'd cause if they swung outward into the crowded open space.

But this comes at the expense of space inside of the bathroom, especially if your business has single-person facilities. One solution is to install a sliding door that won’t take up swinging space. However, that can be hard to do for some commercial establishments.

In any case, consider the amount of reduced space that you can live with and plan your doors accordingly.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets standards for restroom accessibility. All businesses must adhere to these guidelines. Since ADA-compliant stalls are bigger, you'll have some space issues to consider. For example, the stall needs to be big enough for visitors in wheelchairs to be able to rotate fully.

For ADA-compliant stalls, doors must swing outward, with some exceptions. If it's situated at the end of a row of stalls and meets certain size standards, an inward-swinging door might be permitted.

There are a few other design elements to think about when it comes to doors in stalls for the disabled. These include automated locks, accessible handles, and ease in opening and closing.

Surrounding Décor

The commercial stall door should fit in with the other design elements in your restroom. Of course, this depends on the aesthetic you've adopted. The stall door should conform to the look and feel of the restroom environment.

Privacy and Comfort

Public restrooms can make some people anxious, even when they're in an enclosed stall. It's important to make the space as comfortable as you can. The doors you choose should close securely. Gaps near the hinges and the locking mechanism should be as thin as possible.

Common Materials Used in Commercial Restroom Doors

You have several options for materials in restroom doors and their surrounding partitions.

The most common is powder-coated steel. It's durable, resistant to fading and scrapes, and the least expensive. Stainless steel doors are almost invincible and very attractive, but they're costly.

Solid plastic or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) are ideal for doors in heavy-traffic restrooms. These are both low-maintenance, long-lasting materials that hide vandalism relatively well. Plastic laminate is another budget-friendly and artistic option for commercial businesses. It's especially effective in high-moisture environments.

Phenolic doors consist of extra-strong plastic, fused into layers of fiber and laminate. They cost a little more, but they are hard to beat when it comes to resilience. Phenolic doors are friendly for designers because they come in several colors.

Things to Consider About Your Commercial Restroom Doors

When it's time to shop for new commercial restroom doors, carefully think over a few details.


Bathroom stalls are usually arranged in a straight line. Most of the doors (except for the disabled stalls) will therefore be the same size. If your restroom has an unusual layout, you may need doors of different sizes.


Money is always going to be a concern for your business. You'll want to save on expenses whenever possible. But don't assume that the cheapest option is always the most cost-effective. Think about your typical restroom usage patterns. A stronger door that's more expensive may save on future maintenance and replacement costs.


Many commercial restroom doors are easy to install if you have the personnel to do it. Some may be more complicated, requiring professional installation. Consider which installation process will be easiest on your budget and schedule.

Warranty and Service

The warranty terms for restroom doors depends largely on the material that you choose. Solid plastic doors may come with 10- or 15-year warranties. Others may have warranties that only cover a year. Make sure you understand the terms before you place an order. You’ll also want to choose a supplier with reliable customer service.

Commercial Doors from CDF Distributors

CDF Distributors will help you find the best doors for your commercial business, including the ones for your public restrooms. Get in touch with us for more information and to get an estimate for your project.

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