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How to Keep Your Commercial Door from Slamming Shut

Commercial Door Closing

Commercial doors that close properly barely make a peep. If your door causes everyone to jump out of their skin every time someone enters or exits your building, it’s not closing the way it should.

A slamming door is a common but annoying problem that can have more than one origin or solution. Learn how to keep your commercial doors from creating a racket at your commercial property.

Reasons Your Door Is Slamming

The reason a door loudly announces every person who passes through it can vary. 

Sometimes, it could be as simple as a change in temperature or weather. Climate differences can cause the door materials to expand or contract. As a result, the door won’t operate normally. Usually, the fluctuations aren’t that drastic, but significant changes can warp the door, possibly even permanently.

Another culprit could be that the door hinges need to be fitted appropriately. Poorly fitted hinges could cause the door to become unbalanced. The heavier side will gain momentum, causing the door to slam.

Doors that aren’t perfectly vertical are also at a higher risk of slamming. If your commercial door has a closer, it’s possible that it needs some adjusting.

While plenty of scenarios could cause a startling slam, there’s some good news; it’s not hard to stop a slamming door once you know what’s behind it.

Stopping the Slam

To start, check all of the door hinges. Worn hinges won’t have the same strength and will often need replacing. But sometimes, it’s as simple as tightening a few screws. Improperly installed hinges will also trigger a loud thump or thud; you can investigate this by using a level to see if the hinges are in the right position.

If you notice your door is warped, even a quality closer likely won’t solve your problem. This issue usually requires some light repair or even a replacement. But don’t fret — there are several temporary and medium-term solutions you can try while you shop around for a new door.

Cushioning the door with felt pads or weather strips could dampen some of the noise. Weather strips offer the additional benefit of keeping the area inside cozier.

You can employ the same felt pads that are used to keep heavy furniture from scratching a floor. This solution isn’t as elegant in high-traffic areas or on certain types of doors, but it could at least get you through an afternoon without severely strained nerves.

The tried-and-true method of using a wedge can also work. However, like felt pads, it’s not always the most effective solution, and it could affect your business’ aesthetics. Even so, it’s better than hearing a disruptive slam every few minutes.

Door closers benefit property owners who want more control over their doors' operations. But along with being a possible solution, they can also cause dysfunction. 

Check your commercial door closer if you already have one. Leaking oil is an immediate sign that you need a new closer. Otherwise, you can try removing the cover and adjusting the screws. Don’t overdo it, as over-tightening the screws can backfire and lead to more problems.

While you devise a plan, you can save your walls from the door’s wrath by covering the jamb with a cushion. The cushion can also muffle harsher sounds, so it’s great for areas where loud noises are particularly unwelcome, like spas, offices, libraries, or museums.

Preventing the Slam

Door closers are the number one way to prevent your commercial door from slamming shut. You can alter your closer to ensure that the door shuts at the correct speed. Closers also make it easy to account for elements beyond your control, like wear and tear or weather-related changes.

Closers will also assist you in keeping your door open or closed, which can be helpful if you want to control traffic flow or the possibility of others trying to slam it shut. They’re even a breeze to maintain, provided you invest in a high-quality unit and install it properly.CDF Distributors carries some of the best commercial doors and commercial door accessories on the market. Browse our products and see for yourself how we can help solve your noisy door woes!








January 11, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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