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handsome young man installing door in a new house construction site
handsome young man installing a door in a new house construction site

When you undergo building renovations, you are no doubt aiming for a certain aesthetic. You might be a business owner who just renovated their storefront to entice potential customers. Maybe you are a school board applying long needed rejuvenations to a school building. Whatever the case, you have a certain look in mind.

The doors of your building are an essential part of your renovations. Entrance doors make a statement about what type of building you are about to enter. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your expectations of a building originate with the doors you walk through. 

There are many types of commercial door applications. Let’s discuss what you should consider when you are trying to match your doors with your renovations.

Doors for Your Business Renovations

Renovated Businesses should use their new renovated look to make a statement to customers. What will the doors of your business say about what you sell; about what kind of business you are?

Branding is an important part of any business. You want to make sure your renovations and doors fit in with your brand. It doesn’t matter whether your brand is high-end, innovative, value-adding, security-centric, or generic. Your doors should express something about your business and the type of product or service you sell.

The best example of this is Apple. Apple’s stores are all minimalist, sleek, elegant, and have an incredible amount of natural light. You likely have no trouble picturing the tall glass double doors of an Apple store. As Architizer notes, the Apple stores were designed to remind customers of Apple's products. 

Before finishing your renovations with a door install, take time to consider how your doors best fit your business’s brand. Commercial glass doors are smart picks for storefronts. Glossy wood doors might be better suited for schools and offices. CDF Distributors provides the best in both glass and wood commercial doors.

When Security is a Top Priority

Anytime you undergo building renovations, you must take care to make sure your building will be up to code. If your building holds a lot of students, office workers, or customers, fire code becomes an important concern. Fire-rated doors are great solutions to ensure your building renovations will be up to fire code.

Perhaps you have had security issues in the past with your building and you want to avoid them in the future. If your building renovations are putting an emphasis on security, doors will be a huge part of creating a secure environment. Commercial steel doors are excellent choices for when you want to provide safeguards for your building.

Achieving Harmony & Unity Through Design

You do not need to be a professional architect to understand the concepts of harmony and unity. Ideally your building renovations would seek to accomplish a sense of harmony and unity within the building. Not only can this be visually appealing, it can have a huge positive effect on the people inhabiting the building.

Hatch Design notes that harmony is about “repetition of design elements like colour, texture, shape and form,” while unity is when everything in the building “works together.” Installing any random doors into your building could lead to an unappealing look. 

You should strive to find the doors that best compliment your building renovations. If you are installing wood doors into your building, there are often various finishes you can choose from. When picking the right door, you want to make sure the door you are installing fits in with the color, design, and feel of your building renovations.

Customize Your Door

The worst mistake you could make when purchasing doors for your building renovations is to buy them blindly. When you go through the right door distributor, you will have the ability to customize your doors so that you can get the perfect fit for your building. 

Matching your doors to your renovations doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you pay close attention to detail. Get a good understanding of your building’s aesthetic and try to match it with your doors.

With CDF Distributors’s convenient quote builder, you can customize and design your door online and receive a free quote. CDF Distributors can deliver the perfect door to fit your renovation specifications. Build your free quote today! 








April 5, 2021
Wayne Foreman