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Commercial wood door

Wood doors look elegant, function well, and add a natural feel to a business — all beneficial qualities for commercial properties. 

But wood doors can break down over time, and warping is one of the most troubling signs of deterioration. And unfortunately, if you were hoping to opt for steel doors instead as a solution, steel doors aren't free from warping problems, either. Even glass can become warped if the temperature changes are drastic enough.

Warped doors alter the door's shape, allowing everything from cold air to insects inside your business. It's a common issue that can be tough to recognize early enough to handle effectively. 

Here's how you can tell if your commercial door is warped and why it's crucial that you fix it as soon as possible.

Recognizing a Warped Door

Warping is much more common on exterior doors or doors exposed to climate shifts. Most warping, especially at the beginning, isn't immediately obvious. However, you can test your door to see if it's warped. And all you need is a small piece of string. 

Start by wrapping the string over the top and bottom edges of your commercial door. A 14' string is a good universal length, but you may need a longer one if you have a taller door. 

Pull your string tight and notice where the string is in relation to the lockset. Warped doors will have a gap between their edge and the string. Anything that measures ¼" or larger indicates a warped door.

There is always the possibility that your door will shift back to its original shape once the weather changes. But most of the time, a warped door will only get worse and require professional attention to fix or replace. 

It's a frustrating issue for businesses in particular because handling it usually means throwing money and time at the problem. But not addressing it can make matters much worse.

Why Warping Is a Problem

Problems associated with warping start small but can quickly escalate out of control. 

For instance, a warped door may let cool air out and warm air in, raising your energy bills. Inclement weather, such as heavy rainstorms, can cause water to pool inside your business. This can create a host of issues, from arranging cleanup to putting the safety of employees and customers in jeopardy, should the water reach anything electrical. 

The sooner you notice and handle warping, the more money you'll save, and the better you can ensure safety. Deferring inevitable repairs or replacements for warped commercial doors only stands to cost you much more than just money to replace. 

And in the case of flooding or other serious issues, you may need to pause or redirect business temporarily, causing headaches for customers and employees and potentially losing you even more money.

Fixing a Warped Commercial Door

There's another reason warping is such a significant issue. Because it's so hard to notice early on, it is often more simple to replace the door by the time you call for repairs. 

However, there are some minor changes you can make to your door that may be worth investigating while you search for the right solution. Their success hinges on why your door is warped in the first place; only a few options are available for doors that become warped due to temperature changes.

For example, you can try adjusting the door hinges. You may also opt to sand the edge of the door to help it close more smoothly.

You can also prevent warping in the future by investing in a high-quality door that has a unique design to resist warping. Many commercial doors now feature insulation that not only saves you on energy costs, but also reduces the chances of the door warping.

Additionally, you can also discuss options with a reputable supplier if your building is located in an area with high humidity. If warping has been a concern for you in the past, your best defense is to invest in a warp-resistant door.

Finding Warp-Resistant Doors for Your Business

If you need a replacement for your warped commercial door, CDF Distributors carries some of the best warp-resistant and durable doors available. Visit us online to browse our options today!








January 20, 2023
Wayne Foreman