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Keep Traffic Flowing with Heavy-Duty Commercial Door Stops

Kick Down Door Holders: Low Cost, High Utility

In high-traffic commercial facilities, doors are constantly swinging open and closed as employees transport goods or patrons come and go. Rugged kick-down door stops from CDF Distributors are essential gadgets designed for flawless hands-free door control, stopping these doors in their tracks.

With heavy carts and packages passing through, commercial doorways require durable stops to withstand heavy daily use. CDF offers commercial-grade stops featuring sturdy bronze or stainless steel construction engineered to avoid corrosion, rust, and breakage even under extreme conditions.

While often overlooked, these unassuming devices play an invaluable role in commercial spaces like hospitals, schools, offices, and stores. Read on to learn why CDF’s commercial door stops are essential for safety, convenience and accessibility.

Built Tough for Heavy Commercial Use

These commercial door stops boast industrial-strength construction to handle the demands of high traffic flow. They have tested their robust kicks down mechanism for over 100,000 cycles, which far outlasts conventional residential stops.

Commercial stops feature a powerful spring and thick rubber foot to keep doors firmly in place without slippage. The flush low-profile housing installs seamlessly into flooring without obstructing walkways.

Designed for flexible positioning, these commercial stops allow doors to be held at different angles to accommodate carts, beds, and wheelchairs. The smart hinged mechanism also prevents accidental sticking when doors close.

With these door stops, facilities can avoid replacement and maintenance headaches. Install them once for lasting quality that stands the test of time even in the busiest environments.

Enhancing Safety & Accessibility

Uncontrolled doors pose significant risks in crowded offices, hospitals, and schools. Door stops prevent injuries from doors that close unexpectedly on busy pathways.

By keeping doors open, door stops also enhance accessibility for wheelchairs, stretchers, carts, and delivery dollies which often require extra clearance. Workers have both hands free to maneuver equipment without inconvenience.

In healthcare settings, these ADA compliant stops allow barrier-free access for beds and patients. In classrooms, stops provide orderly entry and exit during busy passing periods. And in retail settings, stops make carting merchandise hassle-free.

Controlling Noise & Disruptions

Commercial door stops also absorb loud noise and vibrations from slamming doors, creating comfortable noise-free environments.

In hospitals and medical offices, stops provide peaceful quiet zones for patient recovery and privacy. For schools and libraries, stops prevent hallway and classroom disruptions. In corporate settings, doors are maintained to be noise-free to enhance focus and productivity.

Streamlined Professional Aesthetics

These commercial stops feature elegant satin chrome and bronze finishes to seamlessly match your existing door hardware. The clean flush-mounted design maintains professional aesthetics for reception areas, lobbies, and executive office suites.

Unlike bulky plastic stops, CDF's products align with your workplace decor for a cohesive high-end look and feel.

Affordable Long-Term Investment

With heavy use, commercial facilities often incur ongoing costs for replacing flimsy consumer stops. But CDF's durable commercial-grade stops provide lasting quality year after year for a wise one-time investment.

By preventing injuries, collisions, and noise, door stops also reduce liability risks and related expenses down the line. And the easy maintenance-free installation saves valuable facility management time and labor.

In busy workplaces and businesses, people often overlook the imperative need to control door movement. With heavy-duty commercial door stops from CDF Distributors, you can keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely through all your facility's doorways.







November 15, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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