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Recently, the price of lumber rocketed upward of 377%, affecting construction industries everywhere and costing the customer a considerable sum. With massively the increased price of raw materials come increased prices for services and installations. In this case, where wood doors may have been a neat and beautiful solution for your project, you’re forced to consider your options for the sake of your budget. 

That is where steel comes into play. Steel, like all commodities, fluctuates in value over time. Currently, it is on a steep downward slope, making it a much more inexpensive resource. This translates to massive benefits for your build. Instead of burning through your budget on wood doors, it’s time to consider what steel doors have to offer.

Advantages with Steel Doors

Your entry and interior doors are more than simple gateways between spaces. Every door serves a variety of functions simply based on its material. In this way, steel doors are more functional than most. 

Less Expensive

Wood doors were already a more expensive option, and the recent price explosion has only made them more expensive. Steel, on the other hand, has proven considerably more stable. That benefit passes onto steel doors. Steel doors are cheaper to construct and install, especially now, making them a cost-effective solution for any project.


Adding to your savings, the durability of steel doors is incredible. Compared to other doors, steel doors are very long-lasting and can take a beating. Where other doors may be on the receiving end of a repair-necessitating blow, steel doors stand strong and unaffected. Where temperature and humidity fluctuate between extremes, steel doors will never rot or warp. 

With doors that will last you several years, you will save a significant sum of money on repairs and replacements. In most cases, steel doors outlast wood doors by over 10 years.

Easy Maintenance

Because steel doors do not rot or warp like wooden doors, you can expect much easier maintenance. Steel parts will keep their shape and function for quite a long time, requiring only a routine inspection to check for changes. Wooden doors, on the other hand, require regular care. A wood door might need regular or semi-regular cleaning, polishing, and restoration to remain in good condition and give you solid ROI.

Improved Security

No matter the application, security is a crucial function of any door. Whether you’re locking an entrance or securing a specific room, you need a door that can keep unwanted visitors out. To that end, steel triumphs over wood. 

Steel, being a stronger and more durable material, won’t fail under the same circumstances that a wood door can fail. Steel cannot splinter or break like wood can. Steel cannot burn like wood can. All in all, you can trust steel doors to do a better job of keeping a space safe.

Boosted Energy Efficiency

Depending on the application of your steel doors, you could see a boost in savings due to increased energy efficiency. While steel is not the most insulating material, the core of every steel door is typically filled with foam material. That, combined with weatherstripping, can keep heat from escaping during winter and keep the cold air in during summer.

Noise Blocking

Steel doors, especially those used for your entry, are excellent sound blockers. Whether your project is residential or commercial, unwanted noise can be incredibly disruptive. With steel doors, you can effectively block outside sounds like traffic, outdoor work, or even conferences in the next room. 

Built to Spec

Our steel doors are configurable online, giving you complete control over the most important details. Our steel doors are available in all industry-standard sizes. You can select the door thickness, the core material, reinforcements, the fire rating, and a great deal more. Customize your steel doors for any application and have them delivered directly to you.

Choose CDF Distributors for the Best in Commercial Doors

CDF Distributors is the leading online source of all doors of any material for any application. Configure your ideal door entirely online per your plans, and place your order. We will even ship commercial doors directly to your job site, anywhere in the country, no matter your location.








August 30, 2021
Wayne Foreman