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Making Commercial Doors Accessible with Pull Trims

pull trim for exit devices

As a top provider of commercial door hardware, CDF Distributors offers a wide selection of pull trims for exit devices to improve accessibility. These pull trims ensure doors are compliant with ADA standards and easy for all individuals to operate.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides guidelines and regulations for commercial facilities to follow in order to provide equal access to those with disabilities. Doors and openings are a major component that must meet accessibility requirements. Hardware like pulls and handles make doors easier to operate for those with limited mobility and strength.

Pull trims on exit devices serve an important accessibility function. While exit devices allow doors to open easily in emergencies, the flush design can make regular operation difficult. Adding pull trims creates a grip point to pull the door open with less force. This is essential for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited grip strength.

ADA Compliant Design

ADA standards regulate the design of pull trims to ensure they are usable by all. Required features include:

  • Shape - Pulls must have a shape that is easy to grip, such as a U-shaped pull bar.
  • Size - The pull must be at minimum 4" across and protrude at least 1.5" from the door surface.
  • Placement - Pulls must be 34" to 48" from the ground to allow use from a wheelchair.
  • Maneuvering Space - A clear 18" of wall space beside the pull is required for wheelchair accessibility.

By following these standards, pull trims allow doors to be opened with minimal effort in compliance with ADA law.

Enhanced Usability

In addition to meeting ADA requirements, well-designed pull trims improve usability for a wide range of individuals. Thoughtful details like these allow easy door operation:

  • Textured Grip - Pulls with textured or knurled grips provide extra traction to turn handles with minimal force.
  • Curved Shapes - Arched or U-shapes fit the contours of the hand, enabling a solid grip.
  • Wide Designs - Pulls over 4" wide allow ample hand clearance and approach space.
  • Offset Centers - Angled pull arms provide wrist clearance at the door’s edge.
  • Proper Length - Pulls at least 4" long allow leverage and control when pulling.
  • Heavy Base Materials - Solid metals like brass, bronze, and steel provide durability in high-traffic areas.

Pull trims with these specifications go beyond bare minimums to create truly accessible openings.

Compliant Pull Trim Styles

CDF Distributors provides a range of pull trims compliant with ADA standards available in various designs.

Offset pulls: The curved arm provides not only compliance but easier operation by allowing wrist clearance and avoiding knuckles catching at the door edge. Deep return allows entry and exit from multiple angles.

U-Style models: The 4.5" grip depth meets ADA size requirements. Vertical ends supply leverage when pulling against exit device resistance.

Integrated pulls: Built as part of a one-piece exit device, these models have ideal grip profiles and clearance.

Gasketed models: Available for water-tightness around outdoor openings. Rounded corners aid grip.

CDF also offers pull trim finishes suitable for diverse aesthetics. Stainless steel provides a modern look, while oil-rubbed bronze, satin brass, and satin chrome match traditional architecture.

Choosing Compliant Trims

With CDF’s range of compliant pulls, it is easy to identify options that enhance accessibility specific to each opening's needs:

  • High traffic doors may benefit from sturdier stainless steel or brass trims to prevent wear.
  • Historic buildings often require oil-rubbed bronze finishes that blend with traditional decor.
  • Contemporary spaces design for more dynamic shapes with angled or curved pulls.
  • Glass door exit devices pair best with narrow profile pulls that do not obstruct views.
  • Outdoor pulls must have heavy gasketed construction and corrosion-resistant metals like stainless steel.

By thoughtfully selecting shape, size, placement and finish, pull trims can provide ideal compliance and usability.

CDF Distributors has the pull trim options and expertise to help identify the best models for each facility's doors. Contact our product specialists today to discuss how pull trims can provide compliant, easy access to improve the usability and safety of your commercial openings.







November 7, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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