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Mortise Locks and Why They Are the Best Choice for Your Commercial Facility | CDF Doors

Mortise locks are one of the most popular options for commercial uses. The lock hardware and handle mechanism are installed in a large rectangular pocket on the side of the door. This opening is called a mortise. 

Mortise locks can offer:

  • Security
  • Style
  • Customization
  • Reliability

These types of locks are some of the most popular door hardware options and could be the best choice for your facility.

Today, we’ll explore the benefits of mortise locks for commercial properties.

Enhanced Security

Mortise locks provide much greater security than the standard cylinder locks in most residential doors. The common lockpicking tools that are widely available for intruders to use simply will not work with mortise locks because these tools are generally designed for the specific hardware of cylinder locks.

The strength given by being so deeply embedded into the door makes it much more difficult to physically force a door that uses a mortise lock. Intruders will not be able to open these doors without significant tools.


A mortise lock is much more physically durable and resilient than other types of locks. These locks meet much higher standards for repeated lock cycles than other types of locks that are on the market. Because the physical lock mechanism is inside a sturdy metal case, it is unlikely to become damaged through shock or wear.

What this means is that your locks will last longer. This is especially important in high-use commercial steel doors that see significant traffic. Where a typical lock might not hold up with heavy use over time, a mortise lock will last significantly longer.

Additional Features

The broad metal casing of a mortise lock provides room for substantial additional functionality. They can be highly customized in order to meet specific security needs. A standard mortise lock can feature an additional deadbolt to improve security, along with other features.

Some of the most common additional features are indicators. These are often seen in the mortise locks of commercial washrooms. An internal indicator mechanism shows whether the door is currently locked or not. These are just a few of the many additional features that can be incorporated into any mortise lock.

Design Flexibility

There are many different types of mortise lock hardware available today. For the most part, a mortise lock will usually employ a lever of some type. These levers come in a variety of forms. Choosing the right one is important for safety, security, and style.

The most basic type of lever is a simple straight lever that typically comes in either a rectangular or round profile. However, there are vertically and horizontally curved leavers that provide a bit more style, too. 

In situations in which safety is a priority, inward-turned handles are available, which can prevent snags and provide an ideal place to grip.

Stylish and Professional Look

The large integrated faceplate of the mortise lock presents a clean and stylish look that can suit any business. Many business owners choose the lock solely for the look. 

Businesses that have separate lock and handle hardware tend to slide into the habit of only replacing one at a time, which can mean that they eventually end up mismatched. A mortise lock is a comprehensive unit that is always perfectly cohesive, however, which can help to promote uniformity.

Many Finishes Available

Mortise locks come in a wide variety of finishes that can give any business the unique look they desire. Like with many other types of door hardware, satin chrome is the most common choice. It provides a clean and contemporary appearance and a high level of durability.

Of course, there are bolder options that can make a facility appear more unique. Nickel and bronze are some of the most popular, with a number of different styles available in each. There are also textures and glosses available that can serve to accent the natural appearance of the mortise lock hardware.

CDF Distributors has mortise locks in a variety of styles and finishes to perfectly suit any business. We can meet all of your door and door hardware needs. Get your instant quote today to see what we can do for you!







June 16, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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