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NGP Products from CDF Distributors

At CDF Distributors, we are proud to partner with National Guard Products (NGP), a leading, independently owned manufacturer of high-quality commercial door products. With a commitment to excellence, we provide the NGP hardware you need to tackle your toughest challenges effortlessly.

Why Choose CDF Distributors for NGP Products?

Instant Pricing & Ship Time

Gone are the days of waiting for quotes and long lead times. At CDF, we provide instant pricing and ship time estimates, allowing you to plan and execute your projects efficiently.

Complete Hardware Packages

We offer comprehensive hardware packages tailored to meet the diverse needs of your construction projects. Whether you need a full suite of door hardware or specific components, we’ve got you covered.

Super Fast Shipping

Our efficient logistics ensure that your orders arrive quickly, minimizing downtime and keeping your projects on track.

Easy to Install

Our NGP products are designed for ease of installation, saving you time and effort on the job site.

Fire Rated Options Available

Safety is paramount. Our fire-rated hardware options provide the necessary protection to ensure your building meets stringent fire safety standards.

Explore Our Range of NGP Products


Starting at $31.48, our thresholds are durable and designed to provide a perfect seal, enhancing energy efficiency and security.


Stay tuned for our upcoming weatherstrip products, which will provide superior sealing against the elements.

Door Sweeps

Available from $23.63, our door sweeps effectively prevent drafts, dust, and pests from entering your building.

Auto Door Bottoms

Coming soon, these innovative products will ensure a secure and tight closure for your doors.

Drip Guards

Prevent water damage with our soon-to-be-available drip guards.

GAP Products

Starting at $159.01, our GAP products are designed to address gaps around your doors, enhancing security and insulation.


Protect your doors and fingers with our upcoming fingerguards, designed for safety and durability.

Sliding Door Hardware

Stay tuned for our sliding door hardware, perfect for modern and space-saving door solutions.

Continuous Hinges

Starting at $135.94, our continuous hinges provide smooth and long-lasting operation for heavy-duty doors.

Lite Kits

Available from $47.50, our lite kits allow for safe and stylish window installations in your doors.


Coming soon, our louvers will offer efficient ventilation solutions for your commercial spaces.

Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Door Accessories

At CDF Distributors, we understand the importance of having the right hardware for your commercial doors. Our extensive collection of Grade 1 and Grade 2 commercial door hardware parts ensures that you can find exactly what you need to secure your doors and keep your building safe.

Quality You Can Trust

We take quality seriously. Every product we offer is something we’d be comfortable installing in our own building. That’s why we partner with trusted suppliers like National Guard Products to deliver high-quality hardware that performs year after year.

Expert Guidance

Choosing the right commercial door hardware can be daunting. Consider factors such as door material (steel or wood), location, security level, fire regulations, and ADA compliance. Our experts are here to help you navigate these decisions to find the perfect hardware for your needs.

Shop NGP Hardware Products at CDF Distributors

Our comprehensive lineup of NGP products is backed by values you can trust. From thresholds to continuous hinges, we deliver high-performance, durable solutions right to your worksite. Our commitment to top-notch NGP hardware and legendary customer support makes us your go-to source for commercial door hardware.

Quality Parts & Fast Shipping

We ensure that your order arrives quickly and reliably, so you can keep your projects moving forward. With CDF, you get on-time solutions that meet the highest performance and durability standards.

Explore Our Fantastic Selection

Discover the full range of National Guard Products at CDF Distributors today. Take advantage of our competitive pricing, fast shipping, and superior customer support to get the hardware you need for your next project.

Shop now and experience the CDF difference!





June 27, 2024
Wayne Foreman