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CDF Partners To Give Back With The Nashville Rescue Mission

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The team at CDF Distributors founds itself upon the values of diligent service and the good stewardship of its resources and talents, whether this is through creating the best product available for our customers or putting our gifts back into the surrounding community. We believe that our blessings provide opportunities to bless others in turn, and it's in this spirit that we trekked down to the Nashville Rescue Mission to provide breakfast and fellowship to the city's homeless community.

The Nashville Rescue Mission is a community-building homeless shelter that's been providing food, clothing and a roof for thousands of men, women and children since 1954. They operate by the sentiment of loving their neighbors as themselves, and use their faith-centered operation to instill love and a sense of belonging back into all who enter. The facilities are largely run by members of the Mission's educational and spiritual program, dedicated to formerly homeless tenants with a strong sense of purpose toward turning their lives around.

With all the traffic they receive on a daily basis from Nashville's burgeoning poverty-stricken population, they rely heavily on volunteers throughout the community to keep the operation going efficiently. CDF spent time at the shelter over the course of two mornings, assisting in distributing breakfast to those who came in, preparing food for the lunch and dinner crowds, aiding in dining room maintenance and getting to know the shelter's many visitors. We were touched by the many inspiring stories and sense of welcome we received while there, and were equally excited to do our part in improving the lives of those who need our love and encouragement the most.

As we enter into the holiday season and prepare for the beginning of a new year, CDF plans to implement work with the Nashville Rescue Mission—and other services like it—into the regularity of our routine, to not only continue strengthening our own community ethos, but to also continue pouring back into the lives of our friends and neighbors.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Nashville Rescue Mission and ways in which you can get involved with the organization.

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