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CDF Partners To Give Back With The Nashville Rescue Mission

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CDF Distributors values service, stewardship, and community support. We create quality products and give back to our community. We went to Nashville Rescue Mission to serve breakfast and build fellowship.

What is the Nashville Rescue Mission?

Nashville Rescue Mission shelters and supports thousands since 1954, promoting community and faith-based restoration. Their facilities are managed by committed, transformed individuals.

They rely on volunteers due to high traffic from Nashville's poverty-stricken population. CDF helped distribute meals, maintain the dining area, and connect with visitors. We found inspiring stories and a warm welcome, eager to support those in need.

How we help

As we enter into the holiday season and prepare for the beginning of a new year, CDF plans to implement work with the Mission—and other services like it—into the regularity of our routine, to not only continue strengthening our own community ethos, but to also continue pouring back into the lives of our friends and neighbors.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Rescue Mission and ways in which you can get involved with the organization.

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