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Protecting Your Assets: 4 Kinds of Doors that Offer Enhanced Security

No matter what industry you operate in, protecting your assets is an essential part of owning a business. While there are many ways to go about accomplishing this goal, it all starts with the right doors. Your facility’s doorways provide an obvious point of entry for your customers. Unfortunately, they are also the preferred entry point for criminals.

Advanced security cameras and motion detection systems are a great way to protect your facility. However, they will not do much good if criminals can just waltz right through the front door.

If you are serious about protecting your assets, then you need to consider making some door upgrades. Below, we’ll discuss four types of doors that offer enhanced security. Installing these high-quality doors will help to provide an around-the-clock deterrent to protect your facility.  

1.  Commercial Steel Doors

For decades, commercial steel doors have been the premier option for businesses that want to enhance their security. They are durable, damage-resistant, and easy to install. You can even improve the aesthetics by painting the doors to match the color scheme of your business. 

With proper care, your steel doors will last for decades. However, they will need some sandblasting and repainting every few years.

Steel doors are touted to be one of the best security measures for commercial facilities. In fact, they are listed on the USDA Office of Procurement and Property Management’s “Security in the Workplace” guide. Along with other measures, the OPPM lists steel doors as an essential item for creating secure areas. 

2.  Solid Core Wood Doors

A great alternative to steel doors is solid core wood doors. These doors are not quite as durable as steel, but they look great and can still get the job done. 

Ideally, you should use solid core wood doors for internal applications. This may include offices, passageways, storage rooms, and the like. Wood doors do not hold up as well to the elements as steel, but they will last quite a while indoors. In fact, your wood doors can easily last over a decade with proper care. 

Wood doors -- or any doors for that matter -- are only as good as their locks. With that being said, you should equip your wood doors with commercial-grade locks.

Commercial locks are graded by the American National Standards Institute. Locks can receive a grade of one, two, or three. Grade One is the highest and is best suited for exterior doors. Grades Two and Three are better for internal doors.

3.  Wood Doors with Wire Glass Kits

A shift towards better security practices does not mean that you have to make your office look like a prison. Thanks to modern engineering, you can purchase high-quality wood and steel doors with reinforced glass kits.

Equipping your doors with glass kits is a great way to improve the employee experience while also bolstering security. Glass kits will allow natural light to enter your building, too. 

You should install glass kits with wire reinforcement for optimal results. The wire provides added support and makes the glass more impact resistant. Glass kits are even available with fire ratings as high as 90 minutes.

4.  Double Steel Doors with Glass Kits

By upgrading your doors, you can improve security at larger entry points. The best way to do this is by installing dual steel doors. These doors offer all of the same benefits as their smaller counterparts. 

When you’re installing dual steel doors, it is a good idea to equip them with closing devices. This is especially important for employee and service entrances. Door closing devices are designed to offset employee errors and prevent security breaches.

You should also equip these doors with exit devices. An exit device is essentially a large bar that allows employees to open the door rapidly. Exit devices improve fire safety because they are easier to use under stress. They may also be required by OSHA or another governing entity, depending on your facility.

If you want to upgrade your facility’s security, CDF Distributors can help. We provide our clients with high-quality doors at unbeatable prices. Build your quote online today or contact our team for more information. 

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