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Secure Your Business: The Best Door Options for Back Exits

Double Metal Doors

When it comes to commercial doors, different door locations call for different materials and features. For example, interior commercial doors do not call for the same durability and security as external doors.

Your back exit should provide security for your building and an easy way for occupants to leave the premises. Let’s look at a few examples of the best door options for back exits:

Solid Doors

There are many different door varieties to choose from, from wood to metal to glass. While glass doors or doors with glass inserts are an attractive option for the design of your business, glass is not generally a good material for backdoor exits. 

Back doors should provide security for your building. These back exits are often not visible and can be a tempting place for thieves and unauthorized visitors to break in. Glass is by nature more vulnerable than other door types and should be avoided for back doors. For these back exits, it is best to choose metal, wood, or another solid material.

Fire-Rated Doors

Most commercial doors are required to be fire-rated under federal and local building codes. Fire-rated doors ensure that building occupants are protected in the event of a fire and that they can escape easily in an emergency. 

Modern fire-rated doors are designed to block the spread of smoke and flames and can also minimize — or at least slowdown — damage to the property. 

Most fire-rated doors are rated for anywhere between 90 minutes and three hours of heat. Timing is important in case a fire starts after hours and is burning for a period of time before the authorities are alerted. 

It is important for your back exit to be fire rated in case of a fire on the back side of your building. In addition, if there is a fire near the front of the building, fire-rated back exits ensure a clear path out of the building for occupants.

ADA Compliant Doors

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses to meet certain standards to ensure that their commercial space is accessible to people of differing abilities. All doors in commercial settings must meet certain ADA requirements, back exits included. 

This requirement means that the door lock and handle must not be located too high and that the handle mechanism must be accessible. 

The door handle cannot require any unusual maneuvering or tight gripping to operate. ADA-compliant doors not only meet federal building codes but also ensure that everyone in your building can exit easily and quickly in the event of an emergency.

Doors With Commercial Locks

Back exits are one of the most common entry points for unauthorized visitors in commercial buildings. They are often less visible than front doors and seen as an easy entry point, especially during off-hours. All doors that offer direct access to your building need to be secure, but back exits can be particularly vulnerable. 

The door that you select for your back exit should be equipped with a commercial lock to prevent unauthorized access. Commercial locks are heavily tested and can withstand heat, tampering, and even brute force. 

Installing a door without a commercial lock can leave your building vulnerable and may even violate the terms of your commercial insurance. In the unlikely event of a break-in, the last thing you want is the responsibility of knowing it could have been avoided with the use of a commercial lock. 

Commercial Hollow Metal Doors

If you are looking for a door solution that is fire-rated, ADA compliant, and has a commercial lock, commercial hollow metal doors are a good solution. Commercial hollow metal doors are manufactured with a hollow metal shell that is filled with insulation and is reinforced. 

This door type is regarded as one of the best values on the market. These doors can last up to 10 years longer than wood doors. In addition, they provide top-rated insulation from the outdoors, making them great for minimizing outdoor exposure. 

They are also fire-rated and vandal resistant. Best of all, they are one of the most affordable back door options you can find.

Quality Doors For Back Exits

CDF Distributors manufacturers top-quality back exit doors suitable for any business. We offer affordable solutions that meet commercial requirements and secure your building. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on a quote.

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