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Should You Paint Your Business Door?

Painting commercial door

There might come a point at which you will want to create a new look for your business. One way to change your company’s curb appeal is by updating the look of your main entryway’s door.
Before you consider painting your door, there are a few factors to consider. In addition to determining how well the paint will coat the material, consider how a new color will affect customers.

Boost Curb Appeal for Your Business

Consumers will notice when you take better care of your business. This includes hiring landscapers, pressure washing your exterior walls, and giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. Even if you use the same color to maintain the overall theme of your building’s design, a fresh coat of paint can give off a positive vibe.
In deciding whether to paint the door, look at the current condition of the door’s surface. If you see large, black scuff marks and other types of superficial damage, a fresh coat of paint will work wonders. You should also look for peeling or chipping paint.
When you do decide to repaint the door, make sure to do it well. Sand the surface to remove loose paint and maintain a more even surface. You might also want to use a primer to give you a solid color to paint over. A door wedge will keep the door ajar until the paint dries.

Identify Problems with Your Company’s Building

When you own a business, your building is just as much of an asset as any equipment or inventory you keep inside the structure.
If you take better care of your building by scheduling roof inspections and other preventative maintenance, you’ll minimize your operating expenses. This type of building care includes finding and repairing exterior damage to your doors.
As you paint your company's doors, you will get a closer look at the main entry point and any other exterior doors you choose to paint. If a door isn’t closing properly, this gives you the perfect opportunity to uncover that problem. You will also discover damage caused by weather, criminal activity, and accidents.
If you do discover a problem with one or more exterior doors, make sure to fix those issues first. When you follow through with repairs ahead of time, you can finish up with a paint job that looks better. Remember that consumers will pay attention to the quality of your curb appeal when deciding to use your business.

Protect Your Door

When you install a new commercial door, you can trust that you’re getting a good-quality door that will protect your business. In addition to using strong and durable materials, the door manufacturer will cover the surface of the door with a sealant. Over time, that protective coating will fade or erode.
As time goes on, the loss of that coating will expose your commercial door to the effects of aging and inclement weather conditions. When you decide to paint your building’s exterior doors, you’ll be able to spot signs of wear and tear.
Wood doors may show signs of rot, which will be especially obvious at the base of the door. The edges around the door may also be rotting.
A metal or steel door won’t rot, but rust will be a problem. This is a natural occurrence that happens as the result of moisture combined with oxygen.
You can delay wood rot and metal rust by painting your door on a regular basis. The paint will add a thick, protective layer that will guard against destructive elements. You can further enhance the door’s protection by adding a sealant over the dried paint.

Change Up the Appearance of Your Business

Even if your company's door seems to be in good condition, painting it can help your business attract more customers. Choose a new color for your door to give your business a different look. Blue represents growth and knowledge. White is ideal for giving a sense of purity and innocence. Yellow suggests grounding and stability.
Do your research to discover how to use colors to present your business in a new light. No matter what color you choose, painting your company's door can give your company a new eye-catching appearance.

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August 30, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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