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Signs It Might Be Time to Update Your Front Door

signs it might be time to update your front door

A damaged front door can lead to a whole host of expensive (and sometimes dangerous) consequences. It should go without saying that damaged doors need to be replaced right away. However, even fully functioning doors might require the occasional update, as well.

Today, we’re going to identify three signs that it might be time to update your front door.

The Basic Components of a Front Door

It might be helpful to have a better understanding of the way that front doors are structured before we begin talking about damages. Some damages can worsen over time, making it difficult to identify where the problems with your door are coming from.

The key components of a front door include:

  • Doorframe:  This is the entire framework of the door, including the head, jamb, and sill. It provides crucial support to the door's structure.
  • Head:  The head (or header) sits above doorframe and runs horizontally to provide support to the wall.
  • Jamb:  The doorjamb includes the side pieces of the doorframe that run vertically down the wall.
  • Sill:  This is the very bottom part of the doorframe. It usually includes a door sweep system (the weather stripping that creates a seal for exterior doors).
  • Panel:  This is the actual part of the door that swings open and closed. Handle hardware is installed here, along with the door hinges that connect it to the frame.

There are hundreds of considerations that go into the final design of a front door. Our experts can help you to identify those factors to find the perfect door for commercial business.

Now that you know the basics of a door, let’s look at some common signs that it might be time to update your commercial front doors.

Your Front Door Frequently Gets Stuck

If your front door frequently gets stuck, it might be time for an update. Stuck doors can indicate damage to the doorframe, hinges, or hardware. Try examining the door to identify the source of the damage first.

Door hinges are often the culprits for this type of problem. Fortunately, this is a very easy fix. You can remove and update door hinges without replacing the entire door. Squeaky hinges can also be fixed in seconds with the application of WD-40.

On the other hand, if you notice that the frame itself is at fault, a full replacement may be necessary. Sometimes, the jamb and head of a door become damaged from sustained use. This is essentially a structural issue. When structural issues arise, it is almost always a better idea to replace the door than to attempt temporary repairs.

Your Front Door is Drafty

Drafty doors create costly consequences. Without a proper weather seal in place, front doors will let outside air and condensation run rampant through your building.

Drafts can easily cause your electrical bills to skyrocket by causing allowing fluctuations in the internal temperature of your business to happen. If air is able to enter the building, so can condensation. This can cause further issues with mold and wood rot.

Damaged weather stripping is the most common cause of a drafty door. This seal on the bottom of the door acts to weatherproof the space between a door panel and the doorframe. Thankfully, if this is your issue, it is a very quick fix!

In cases where water damage has already occurred in your building, wood rot will likely follow. These are serious issues, and we highly recommend that you seek a door replacement as soon as possible to avoid further damages if this is the case.

Your Front Door is Outdated

Even if your front door isn't damaged, it might still need an update! A new front door could offer a much-needed facelift. In other cases, a new front door could create sustainability efficiency. As an added bonus, organizations like Habitat for Humanity can recycle your current functioning door.

Many older doors did not consider energy efficiency in their design. Some older materials do not insulate very well. In these cases, an updated front door can result in less energy consumption, which leads to lower electricity bills in the long run.

Commercial Doors That Make a Great Impression

Regardless of your reasons for updating, CDF Distributors has the front door for you. From weatherproofing to general aesthetics, we will work with you to find the perfect front door for your commercial building. Use our incredible Pro Builder tool to begin your free quote today!







March 17, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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