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Solid Core vs. Hollow Core Doors

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When replacing a door, you must determine whether you want a solid or hollow core door. A solid door will cost more, but it will also be more durable than a hollow one. Conversely, there are advantages to a hollow door aside from cost savings that can make them the better choice in some situations. 

Your decision will depend on how you'll use the door. As you examine the benefits and drawbacks of each type of door, you’ll be able to determine which one best suits your purposes.

The Pros of Solid Core Doors

A solid core door uses wood composites comprising synthetic materials in addition to the real wood used for the veneer. These synthetic materials help to keep the price of the door in a more affordable range. There are several benefits of solid core doors. Some of these include:

Mimics the Look of Wood

Many hospitals, schools, and similar facilities choose this type of door for its natural wood appearance. This appearance can help you create a more welcoming setting in your business.

Sound Resistant

If soundproofing is important to you, a solid core door is the better option. The materials used to fill the door's interior help block sound.

Better Durability

A solid core door will last longer since it will have more heft. This weight helps it stand up against harsh conditions, including bad weather, misuse, and frequent use. Solid core doors are also better at standing up against fires, flooding, and other natural threats.

Drawbacks to Solid Core Doors

Here are a few drawbacks to using a solid core door:

Installation Is Harder

Since this type of door is heavier, it’s more difficult to handle. This weight can pose a problem when trying to install the door. You may need help handling the door throughout the installation process.

Limited Styling Options

While you can paint a hollow metal door, that’s not always a possibility with a solid core door. Also, since the wood isn’t natural, there are fewer styling options.

Difficult to Repair

Depending on the type of damage the door suffers, you might have limited repair options. If the interior composite material becomes damaged, you might have to replace the door entirely.

The Benefits of Hollow Core Doors

A metal, steel, or wood veneer wraps around the outside of each hollow core door. Despite the misleading name, the interiors of such doors aren’t completely hollow. A honeycomb of cardboard fills the interior. There are several benefits of a hollow core door. Some of these include:


The hollow nature of this style makes these doors lighter and easier to handle. This light weight aids in the installation and makes it possible to install the door single-handedly.

Stable and Reliable Surfaces

Since these doors aren’t made from wood or wood composites, they won't warp or expand in extreme temperature changes. This steadfastness prevents issues with trying to open or close a door in high humidity.

Less Expensive

A hollow core door is usually the least expensive option. There is less material used in manufacturing the door, and metal doors are generally easier to make. Those cost savings will get passed on to you.

Drawbacks to Hollow Core Doors

Hollow core doors also have their share of disadvantages, including:

Less Durable

A hollow core door may not last as long since it can get damaged more easily. You should coat it with a protectant to guard against rust, scratches, and other minor damage. While repairs are easier with this type of door, you might also need to perform them more frequently.

Doesn’t Cancel Noise

Sound can more easily pass through a hollow core door. This reality makes these doors undesirable for music rooms, workshops, or other areas where many loud sounds are generated.

Less Fire-Resistant

While you can still find fire-rated doors in this category, a hollow core door won’t stand up to fire as well as a solid core door. Hollow doors’ weaker structures can cause them to give way to flames and harsh temperatures faster.

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November 1, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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