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What kind of commercial door should you get? If you already have a door, you may wonder what it’s made of, if it’s easy to damage, or what you would need to do to fix it. In fact, if you feel overwhelmed by all the terminology you read about doors or what each piece of hardware does, you aren’t alone. Here is a brief breakdown of the different types of doors there are.

Why Should You Know About the Parts of Each Door

Buying a door for your business is a big decision. That’s even more true if you are buying multiple sets of doors. You don’t want to place an order, only to realize your door won’t fit or doesn’t function as you need it to. Keep in mind that your choice of door can impact building security, traffic flow, safety, and aesthetics.

Keep in mind that what door you choose will be influenced by various regulations, as well. Your city or municipality may have specific requirements for you to follow. There are also building codes, fire codes, and ADA regulations to consider. Of course, you will most likely be working within a limited budget.

Once you know the available options, it will be easier to select the right door for your needs. Standard entry and exit doors come in steel, wooden, and glass construction. Here, we provide information on the specs of each option. You may also read about hardware and other accessories.

Steel Door Construction

A commercial steel door works as either an exterior or interior door. These doors come in single and double-door configurations. Two of the more common features customers choose are louvers and glass kits. Louvers are vents that allow air to flow through doors. Glass kits are narrow, vertical windows.

A single door may be between 36 and 48 inches wide. They range from seven to eight feet tall. These doors can be fire-rated for up to three hours. Manufacturers can build steel doors framed for drywall studs, existing block walls, or block walls that haven't been constructed yet. Door frames can be designed to be flush or wrap around existing blocks. Steel doors consist of hollow steel reinforced with insulation.

Wooden Door Construction

Wooden doors are generally suitable for interior ingresses/egresses. Like steel doors, they can be hung as single or double doors. Wood doors can be fire-rated or not. They are sold unfinished or can be shipped finished in various colors, including clear, mahogany, cherry, and dark walnut.

Like steel doors, wooden doors range between three and four feet wide. Double doors double the height, typically between seven and eight feet high, and can include glass windows and louvers.

Manufacturers can build wooden doors to fit wood, metal, or block wall frames. Solid core doors are standard, with particle and mineral cores being available, as well.

Glass Door Construction

Glass doors are available as single or double doors. You can order them with insulated glass as an option. They come with a ten-inch bottom rail as required by regulation. Customers may choose from a clear or bronze aluminum door. Hinges are either continuous or pivot. Glass may be transparent or tinted. It comes in insulated or tempered options.

Hardware and Accessories

Hardware and accessories truly determine how a door will function. Customers have the option of purchasing a variety of deadbolts, lever sets, door closers, and exit devices. With door stops, you can control the flow of traffic. They also protect walls from damage via swinging doors. Features such as kick plates and push/pull plates keep hands from touching doors directly. 

Now that you are an informed consumer, you should have a foundation of knowledge to select the best door, accessories, and options for your commercial building. Remember that you can choose any door type and pull up information on its specific features.

Then, simply double-check that against your list of requirements. Feel free to reference our installation guides or other resources for help. If you are working with a contractor, consider verifying any choices with them, as well.

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August 11, 2021
Wayne Foreman