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When you choose to use prefabrication construction to resurrect a building, you are likely looking for many things. Flexibility, guaranteed quality, timeliness, and financial savings are all factors that go into the decision for prefab construction. Choosing the right doors for your prefab building is a huge part of the construction process.

When considering your choices for doors, there are a variety of factors that should be taken into account. Here are the biggest factors that you should always keep on your mind:

How highly you rate these factors will point you towards the door that is the best fit for you. Now let’s take a look at the door options that could best serve your prefab building.

Steel Doors

If you are looking for doors that are durable and last long, look no further than commercial steel doors. While steel doors might be more expensive than their wood counterparts, it could be well worth the investment. Steel doors are built to last. The typical steel door will have a lifespan of 30 years.  

If the security of your building is your top concern, steel doors are right for you. As noted by Angie’s List, steel doors are stronger than any other door option. Whether you are looking to place steel doors outside your home or within a commercial building, steel doors are almost impossible to kick down. 

Steel doors also require low maintenance. Once steel doors are installed, it is highly unlikely you will run into maintenance issues. Although a fresh coat of paint every few years will add to the steel door’s aesthetic, this is hardly a must.

The downside of steel doors are that they can be susceptible to dents and corrosion. While it might be impossible for someone to kick down your steel door, they can definitely leave some nasty dents in it. Dents can lead to chipped paint, which in turn will likely lead to rust.  

Wooden Doors

The next most popular option for prefab doors is wood. Less expensive than steel, commercial wooden doors are a great value buy for your prefab building. While not as secure as steel doors, wood doors are by no means flimsy. They also look terrific.

If you want to bring some charm and character to your structure, wood doors will deliver. Wood doors are offered in a variety of beautiful stains and finishes that can really add a look of glossiness to a building. 

Pre-finished doors are also painless to install. Prefabricated construction projects are often contracted because of their ability to raise quality buildings in a short time frame. Prefab constructions take 4 to 6 months, where traditional buildings average a construction length of 8 months. If quick installation is your top priority, pre-finished wooden doors are great options. 

CDF Distributors offers a wide variety of elegant pre-finished wood doors that are ideal when you need a quick turnaround and easy installation. 

The biggest downside to wood doors is they’re susceptibility to wear-and-tear from poor weather. Heat can often cause wood to expand, which can lead to maintenance issues in the future. 

Glass Doors

Commercial glass doors are great for visibility. They can enhance your building’s interior with natural light. Glass doors are a favorite for businesses that offer storefronts, such as retail. If you are trying to catch the attention of passersby, install commercial glass doors and give potential customers a peek inside. 

With glass doors, you don’t have to worry about rust or warping like you would with steel or wood doors. This will save you money on maintenance costs in the future. However, it should be noted the glass doors quickly become smudged or cloudy. Continual cleaning will be required with glass doors.

Glass is often thought to be less secure than steel or wood, and while this is true, there are also options for glass doors that offer special protection from break-ins.

Choosing the Right Door for You

It is important that you choose the door that is right for you and your prefab. CDF Distributors makes installing top quality doors easy. Build the door that’s right for you, and receive your free quote today






April 5, 2021
Wayne Foreman