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Things to Consider When Installing Conference Room Doors

Conference rooms can be a place where progress happens. Briefs are won, deals are struck, and projects take flight, all in the comfort and privacy of a great conference room. Let's find the perfect conference room doors for you!

So when it comes time to choose a conference room door, there should be no guesswork involved. Commercial offices and conference room doors require the right balance of design and function.

Fortunately, selecting the perfect conference room door is a pretty straightforward process. Today, we'll take a look at some of the things that you should keep in mind as you make your decision.

Materials and Design

There are essentially three materials used to create most commercial conference room doors:  Glass, metal, and wood. Each of these materials has certain benefits that you should keep in mind as you make your final choice.

Commercial Glass Doors

Glass doors are capable of letting in the light, whether that's natural light or ambient office lighting. They look amazing, but it can require a little bit of maintenance to keep them clean. These doors are a decent bit more expensive than metal or wood, but for good reason.

Glass creates an air of openness that simply isn’t possible for wood or metal to replicate. Glass conference room doors promote transparency, while still being fully capable of privacy. For those looking for increased visual privacy, frosted glass or textured glass is a great option.

Keep the locking mechanism in mind when installing a glass conference room door. Some glass doors, like aluminum storefront doors, feature a glass panel surrounded by a metal frame. These provide great security while still offering that trademark glass appeal.

Commercial Metal Doors

Conference room doors that feature both metal and glass panels are available. However, when it comes to privacy and security, metal conference room doors can’t be beaten.

Metal conference room doors provide obvious structural benefits. In addition to being extremely durable, most metal doors are fire-rated to survive the hazardous conditions of a fire for a set period of time. Some metal doors are even fire-rated for up to 3 hours.

Metal doors also provide a creative feature that is often underutilized. Some metal doors are constructed with a hollow panel. This hollow panel is a great housing unit for electric wires, so that signs or lights can easily be installed into the door panel.

Commercial Wood Doors

Wood conference room doors are the most budget-friendly option on this list. Much like metal doors, wood conference doors can support a glass panel.

Contrary to what you might think about wood and flame, wooden conference room doors are often capable of surviving up to 90 minutes in an uncontrolled fire if they are appropriately fire-rated.

Privacy Considerations

Privacy is a real concern at any modern organization. Some details and discussions may need to be kept between just a select few people. Professionals may provide sensitive information during presentations that need to be held in confidence.

In any case, it’s best if your conference room door can be soundproof when the door is closed. This is ultimately a decision for you to make. Just because you don’t need that level of privacy right now does not mean that it isn’t worth the marginal investment toward the future.

Visual privacy is also an important thing to consider when installing a conference room door. While you can box your entire conference room in opaque walls to obtain complete privacy, the room will likely suffer from a stuffy and inhospitable feel. Glass offers an ideal alternative.

Glass does not need to be fully frosted to provide proper privacy in this regard. For instance, the bottom half of the glass could be frosted, while the upper half remains clear and open, protecting any tableside documents from view.

Choosing The Perfect Conference Room Door

There are so many considerations that can go into choosing the right conference room door for your business. Only you can decide which options are right for you. Fortunately, CDF Distributors has a tool that’s designed to help! It only takes a few seconds to find the perfect conference room door using our free Pro Builder tool. Let us help you find the right door today.








March 1, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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