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Measuring for a commercial door

Shopping for a new door involves considering color, material, manufacturer, safety rating, and a host of other factors. And with all of these aspects to keep track of, it's easy to forget to ask yourself a simple question: is this door going to fit? 

Here are some expert tips on measuring for a new commercial door, so you can be confident you're buying one that fits:

Have Everything You Need Ready

Before you inspect the door, you'll want to have everything you need within reach. Find your measuring tool, pen, and paper — or anything else you’d like to use to record the measurements — and have them on standby. 

You may also need a step stool or ladder to reach the top of the frame. Writing your measurements down somewhere, even if you're using your phone instead of a notebook, will help you later when you’re trying to find doors with matching dimensions.

Inspect the Frame and Hardware

Functioning doors are made up of a few different components that need to be accounted for when measuring. If you're replacing an existing door, you can use the one you have as a good baseline. Otherwise, make sure your frame is appropriately anchored before you take any other measurements

Hardware like industrial doorknobs, locks, and handles should all be considered in the measurement process. You should also consider the frame's condition and hardware at this stage, as you may want to replace or upgrade it if you're getting a new door.

Consider the Door Trimmings

The trimmings of your commercial door also need to fit into the equation. Trimmings that are too wide can cause an otherwise strong door to deteriorate quickly. In contrast, too thin of trimming could cause significant gaps underneath your door and give your space an awkward look. 

Don’t Forget the Door's Swing

Measuring the physical door is crucial, but so is taking the door's swing into account. Doors that fit your frame can still be problematic in cramped spaces or if you're installing them close to other doors that could clash with them. 

If possible, test the swing of your current door and compare it to the options you're interested in. Many people overlook this step in measuring and may face serious setbacks if it's forgotten early on.

Understand Regulations

Some measurements must comply with specific ADA regulations. For example, commercial doors will usually need a certain width so that wheelchair users can go through them. 

Suppose that you need to become more familiar with the rules and regulations that apply to your commercial space. Buy a door only after understanding these rules to ensure it meets essential requirements. This could cause you to go back to the drawing board.

Triple-Check Your Measurements

Measuring only once is asking for trouble when it comes time to install your new commercial door. It's ideal to measure at least twice before purchasing the door and once again before installing it. 

Even if you're sure you got it right the first time, it can save you a great deal of time and trouble to confirm your findings just in case you accidentally misread a measurement the first time around.

Use Charts or Worksheets to Help

Because measuring commercial doors can be confusing for those who haven't done it before, many websites have worksheets you can use to simplify the process. Measuring charts can be helpful if you want to compare different manufacturers at a glance. Worksheets are excellent for keeping all of your data neatly compiled in one spot.

Many worksheets, like this one for measuring replacement doors, also show you exactly which area or component you should measure. They'll draw a line to a box where you can enter it, so you don't need to know much about the door as long as you can understand the worksheet's visuals. 

Use these cheat sheets to accurately measure your commercial door and avoid missing critical measurements.

Purchasing Your New Commercial Door

If you’re ready to start shopping for your new commercial doors, CDF Distributors offers high-quality, reliable door options for your business. Check out our impressive range of styles, and find the perfect fit for your commercial space today!








December 30, 2023
Wayne Foreman