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The entrance to your business offers a critical first impression for anyone looking to work with you. Your front door not only serves a function but also sends a message. It conveys the character and value of your business without a word. Because of this, your entry door deserves some serious consideration. 

But what features make an excellent entry for your business? It’s easy to get lost in the small details that make up quality entry doors, so let’s sort them out for you. This article will discuss the most important things to consider when choosing your entry door for your business.


Before you start to look at options, you need to figure out a budget. Your entrance is more important than most other doorways in your business, so you’ll want to set aside a slightly larger sum than usual. Your budget will grow or shrink depending on the chosen material, size and style, and any extra features you may choose to include. The easiest way to price your door is to use our online quote tool.

With this tool, you can select from various door packages and customize every little detail to your exact specification. In the end, you’ll have a reliable quote to get you started.

After settling on the cost of your ideal entry door, be sure to set some extra money aside for future repairs, restorations, or replacements.


The material you select will determine the style of your entrance, as well as provide different features. CDF Distributors provides commercial steel doors, commercial wood doors, aluminum glass storefront doors, pre-finished wood doors, and commercial fire-rated doors. 

Steel doors will provide you with the longest-lasting material, whereas wood might beautify your entrance. Or, you can select a set of aluminum glass storefront doors to provide your patrons with an unobstructed view of the interior.

The material will affect your budget, as well. As a rule of thumb, wooden doors will be more expensive while steel doors will be less expensive.


Size is crucial. Without knowing the measurements of your entrance or door frame, you will not be able to select the correct size door. If you cannot get accurate dimensions for your entrance, you can consult with a professional to get those measurements for you. Remember that these measurements are some of the most important details when configuring your door, so make sure they are accurate.


When settling on a style for your entry, you must try to match the style of the surrounding architecture. A storefront needs an inviting door with decorative glass so your customers can see what’s inside. An office with large windows will also want a decorative glass door to invite workers and business partners. Businesses (where security is critical) may want to consider steel doors for their durability, customized to add a bit of personality.

Security Features

Your business needs to be secure. You don’t want a door that could essentially let anyone breeze on through whenever they’d like. With suitable materials and locking mechanisms, your door can be incredibly secure, dissuading potential vandals and burglars. 

A steel door can survive incredible brute force and may not even need replacing or repairs after the encounter. Deadbolts and electronic locks can provide extra assurance.

Indoor Comfort

Your entry can dramatically affect indoor comfort, depending on a variety of circumstances. If you expect your entrance to see a lot of foot traffic, that means your front door is opening and closing very often. 

That will expose the immediate interior to the outside air more often and affect your utilities, depending on how hard your heating and cooling systems need to work to make up for the difference. If your entrance is in direct view of the sun, this can add an extra layer of complication.

These things will affect your decision when considering the material and style of your door because you will need to account for energy loss. Steel doors offer the most incredible energy efficiency of all doors due to their excellent insulation. A door with a lot of glass, on the other hand, won’t insulate as well.

Your Choice of Online Door Distributors

If you need help to choose a door for your company’s entry, don’t hesitate to call CDF Distributors for professional advice. We will help you pick the perfect entrance for your business.








August 30, 2021
Wayne Foreman