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Top Benefits of Steel Doors for Industrial Buildings

Are steel doors the best choice for industrial applications? They have definitely become more popular over time. In many cases, that’s simply because they perform better in so many situations.

Are you considering new doors for your industrial building? Take some time to explore the benefits of steel doors for industrial buildings.

Why Are Industrial Steel Doors Such a Popular Choice?

Architects and engineers tend to love steel doors for commercial purposes. So do many business owners. You might be surprised at some of the reasons why.

They Are a Safe And Secure Choice

When it comes to keeping your workers, inventory, and equipment safe, steel doors check off every box.

A Fire Safe Option

Steel doors are an excellent choice when fire resistance is required. They can be fire-rated for up to three hours. That allows occupants time to evacuate and move to safety. You can determine the exact fire rating you would like when you make your purchase.

The First Line of Defense Against Unauthorized Access

Industrial buildings often hold hundreds of thousands of dollars of machinery, computer equipment, inventory, even cash. Sometimes millions of dollars worth. They are a frequent target for opportunistic thieves who are interested in stealing items or accessing data. These doors are key in preventing unauthorized access.

Fortunately, a steel door is harder to manipulate with burglary tools or knock down using brute force. That can stop criminals in their tracks before they break into the building. What’s more, these doors are often bulletproof and even resistant to caustic chemicals.

They Are the Best Value in the Long Term

As a general rule, steel doors are more expensive than their wooden counterparts. Because of this, some people may be tempted to choose wood over steel. However, while this can be the right choice in some circumstances, price shouldn't be the deciding factor. That's because it's important to consider value over time in addition to upfront cost.

What is an “upfront” cost? That is the final price you pay for the door the day you buy it. Value over time is the length of time the door will last and remain helpful to you. You should also consider maintenance costs as well.

Imagine that you spend $500 on a steel door for your factory, rather than spending half the amount on a door made with some other material. That seems steep at first, but what if the steel door lasts twice as long? What if it doesn't need any repairs over time, but the other door does? It's easy to see how the value of the steel door begins to exceed that of the less expensive door.

Steel Doors Have More Longevity Than Wood Doors

While wooden doors are great for many purposes, they may not be an excellent fit for industrial buildings. They require regular maintenance as it is, even more so under the conditions in most industrial sites. On the other hand, steel doors require almost no maintenance. They resist cracking, warping, and rusting as long as they have been finished correctly. Additionally, steel works significantly better than wood as an exterior door.

Steel doors are also better insulated than wooden doors. They can help lower your HVAC utility costs. Wooden doors lack that energy efficiency.

While it’s possible to dent or scratch a steel door, it is very difficult to cause any kind of structural damage. That means most damage is minor and can be easily fixed or concealed. Doors made of other materials must be replaced more often when damage is severe.

Other Things to Consider When Shopping for Steel Doors

Here are a few other things to keep in mind if you consider a steel door for your industrial building. If you are concerned about sound in your building, steel doors work as a good insulator. That’s a real positive if you need to have quiet work areas that aren’t disturbed by noises on the warehouse or factory floor.

Steel doors are also easy to clean. If you are in a business where sanitation is vital, that’s important. Steel can stand up to both chemical and steam cleaning methods.

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August 2, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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