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Top Places to Consider a Louvered Door

Are you looking for an inexpensive and stylish way to separate spaces in your home? Louvered doors are a traditional type of door with a focus on a few key benefits. They offer a classic and functional look that can elevate any space. With louvered doors, you can also maintain airflow between spaces without sacrificing privacy. 

This good airflow is due in large part to the design of Louvered doors. With a series of evenly spaced horizontal slats, louvered doors allow air to move from one room to another without much obstruction. Other types of doors more or less block the flow of air, typically leading to stale air on one side of the door. Louvered doors can open and close like traditional doors or fold inward to save on space.

When considering louvered doors, it can be challenging to decide where exactly they would be the most useful. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of the thinking for you. Here are the best places to install louvered doors.

Spaces That Need Air Flow

Pantries, wardrobes, bathrooms, and kitchens are all locations in your home that benefit from ventilation the most. With proper airflow, you can keep air fresh on both sides of the door, removing odors, and preventing air from becoming stale. 

Tight Spaces

If you’re living in a small home or have a particularly small room, every inch of free space matters. A small room with a closet will need to dedicate a few square feet for the closet door alone, effectively shrinking the amount of space in an already small area. Louvered doors don’t need to swing open like traditional doors, saving you a considerable amount of space. Instead, they can pivot and fold inward against the door frame.

Between Rooms

Louvered doors can be excellent room dividers if you install them as swinging doors. They won’t impede airflow; they’ll maintain a certain level of privacy and foster easy movement from space to space. Louvered doors can add a little bit of flair where an empty door frame might be bland or boring.


Clothes need to breathe. Otherwise, your clothes will develop a stale smell and starchy feel. Instead of locking your clothes behind a traditional door in your bedroom, you can install louvered doors. With their great ventilation, the air inside your wardrobe won’t go stale. Your clothes will stay comfy and clean for longer.


Louvered doors can provide the level of privacy required for a proper bathroom while adding much-needed ventilation. This benefit is especially useful during and after showers, as these doors dissipate all of the heat and steam generated by your shower. Because of the angle and tight spacing between slats, you won’t have to sacrifice privacy or worry about anyone peeking in. 


You can install louvered doors in pantries and cabinets, as well. Any storage space will benefit from the added airflow, especially where temperature fluctuations are a concern. Because of the added airflow, you can rely on more even temperatures on both sides of the door. That means no more worrying about whether or not your storage space is warmer or colder than it should be.


With swinging louvered doors, you can stylize the entrances to your kitchen without obstructing airflow. Kitchens need a great deal of ventilation, what with all of the cooking, smoke, and smells. Louvered doors can keep air flowing while providing your kitchen a fun, rustic look.

Utility Rooms

Louvered doors provide excellent separation for laundry rooms, electrical rooms, and HVAC rooms. Since louvered doors help dissipate any heat and humidity, they are especially useful when placed where your laundry or HVAC equipment is.

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August 30, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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