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It is pivotal that when commercial doors are first installed the job is done correctly. Improper installations will lead to issues down the line that will cause the customer headaches. Door technicians are indispensable parts of the door installation process. Great door technicians will also catch problems before they arise.

Door technicians are also the last line of defense against maintenance issues that arise from doors. They need to be able to fix problems that rise with doors, and fix them quickly.

What exactly makes a good door technician? Many things. In this blog we will examine the top skills that make a successful door technician. 

Sharp Problem Solving Skills

There are many problems that can befall commercial doors and lead to maintenance issues. Here are some of the most common maintenance issues that require a need for a door technician:

The list of potential door problems could go on for days. When a door technician arrives onsite to provide maintenance, he or she must be quick on their feet. They must be able to diagnose the problem, find the solution, and administer the fix. And they must be able to do this all in a very small time frame. 

Door technicians need to be prepared for any problem that might arise. This is why they need to show up with the right tools, know what to look for, and have excellent problem solving skills.

Understanding Blueprints

When it’s time for a new door to be installed, the building blueprints are often referenced. Door technicians that can capably read constructions plans are much better suited for the task of door installation.

One of the key elements of blueprints are the key notes. Key notes include the building specifications and construction details. A door technician that does not know how to read blueprints would miss this, and undoubtable struggle with their install. 

Door technicians can provide a seamless installation when they know the proper building specifications. Door technicians that are literate with building blueprints are also much more desirable to employers.

Knowledge of Building Codes

Going hand-in-hand with blueprints, knowledge of building codes is a great skill for a door technician to have. Commercial doors must be installed under proper building code or it will put building owners at risk of legal trouble. 

According to a recent Common Code Noncompliance Survey Report, one of the most common causes for a commercial building’s noncompliance is lack of knowledge by the contractor. Building owners often do not know building codes and they rely on technicians to know the proper protocol for door installation. 

CDF Distributors offers a wide variety of commercial doors that are in compliance with all laws and building codes. 

Good Eye for Cost-Saving

Excellent door technicians will always be looking for how they can provide value to their employer. Because door technicians are the ones on the ground, they will be the first to notice signs of inefficiency. When door technicians let their employers know of a more efficient way to go about an installation or fix, they save their employer money. 

Door technicians who know doors inside-and-out are the ones who catch cost-savings opportunities everywhere. Their employers will love them for saving money. When employers save money those savings can be passed on to the customers. That’s a pretty big value-add for a technician to bring to the table!

Excellent Customer Service

Just because a door technician is super handy, does not excuse them for being rude! Door technicians that answer maintenance calls are expected to handle customer communication. Technicians should be able to courteously communicate with customers and empathize with their problem.

It is important for door technicians to remember that when they talk with customers, they are representing their employer. Their goal should be to solve people’s problems on behalf of their employer. Doing the job with a smile and a great attitude doesn’t hurt either!

Doors Built to Last

Door technicians are convenient to have, but let’s face it, you’d rather have a door that doesn’t require continuous maintenance. 

CDF Distributors offers the finest and most durable commercial doors on the market. CDF Distributors strives for speed and ease in door installation. Stock items ship within 3 to 5 business days so that your construction doesn’t have to slow down while you wait for your doors to arrive.

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April 13, 2021
Wayne Foreman