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Offices are generally considered to be safe places to work. While they may not have many of the hazards that other jobs might carry, there are still threats to safety and security that office managers need to be aware of.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the common threats to workplace security and how to eliminate them. We’ll cover threats ranging from people with malicious intent to cyber security and natural disasters.

Daytime Theft

One of the biggest security issues in the workplace is burglary and theft. This may not always happen in the form of a crook with a ski mask and a crowbar breaking in at night. Sometimes, thieves strike in the middle of the day when your office is fully staffed.

These thieves typically pretend like they work at your office or in your building. They’ll walk in behind someone who just swiped their badge, a practice called tailgating. Once they’re inside, they look for high-value equipment and goods. With their target identified, they wait for the right time to make their exit with their new prize.

This workplace security issue can be eliminated with some simple staff training. Make sure that your team members know not let anyone walk in behind them when they’re entering the building. If someone says they forgot their security badge at home, they’ll need to talk to their supervisor or to the head of security. It’s a fairly simple thing, but it’s a good way to reduce the threat of daytime thieves. You can also invest in doors that are harder to penetrate to keep your facility safe and secure.

Violence in the Workplace

Workplace violence can happen at any job, even at the office. Workplace violence is defined as any form of physical violence or harassment that happens in the workplace. The victims can be employees, visitors, or clients.

This type of threat usually occurs as a result of internal security issues within the workplace. Not every threat facing your office will come from external sources; many threats can come from within.

You can eliminate the threat of workplace violence by having a written policy. Every employee should be made aware of this policy. The written policy should contain a definition of violence and include the investigation and remediation process. All employees should know what to do should someone become violent, while also being aware of the consequences if they behave in an aggressive manner at work.

Fire Safety and First Aid

A prepared workforce for a fire could save lives. Create a company policy for fire safety and make sure all employees are aware of it. They should know where all of the emergency exits are and be familiar with fire extinguisher locations.

Employees can also help to prevent fires in the workplace by understanding best practices for safety. Never overload a power strip or outlet. Unplug any non-essential equipment at the end of the day. All workspaces should be as free from debris as possible. Adding fire-rated doors to your workplace will also help immensely.

A written first aid policy and preparedness training will go far in helping your team understand what to do in a first aid emergency. You can even go the extra mile and have select employees certified in CPR.

IT Security

While some security threats are physical, other threats are digital. IT security is the focus of entire careers, but there are a few things that every employee can do to help to increase IT security in your office.

Your business should have a password policy that all employees follow. This policy should discuss password requirements, along with how often employees should change their passwords.

All employees should receive training about phishing emails and other scams that seek to obtain sensitive information. Being able to identify and report these emails is of the utmost importance to your IT security.

Expect employees to lock their computers when walking away from them. Report any lost IT equipment promptly to the IT department.

Your Office Should Be Prepared

Preparation is the best way to eliminate any threats to the security of your office. A well-informed workforce will do wonders for the safety of everyone at your place of business. Create policies and hold extra training so that everyone knows how to do their part in keeping the office safe.

Quality doors can help to prevent theft and ensure security at your workplace. Take a look at our inventory of commercial doors that are designed to help maintain the security and safety of your office.






February 8, 2021
Wayne Foreman