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Discover the Durability and Style of Commercial Lever Sets

Schlage Leverset

Commercial lever sets and handles are an essential component of any commercial building. At CDF Distributors, we offer a wide selection of high-quality commercial lever sets and handles for light and standard duty commercial doors at affordable prices starting at just $46.99. Whether you need lever sets for a small office building or a large commercial facility, CDF Distributors has you covered.

Lever Sets

Our commercial lever sets are designed and tested for durability, ease of use, and longevity. The levers feature a sleek zinc base that is plated to match BHMA grade 2 standards, ensuring consistency and quality in the finish. The internal mechanisms also utilize high-quality components like wrought brass, bronze, and stainless steel for smooth operation.


Installation is made easy thanks to the non-handed design and lack of exposed mounting screws. The lever projects 13/16” from the door, providing ample leverage and meeting ADA requirements for accessibility. Each set also includes two operating keys so you can easily control access as needed.


At CDF Distributors, we offer commercial lever sets in popular finishes like satin chrome and bronze to complement any commercial décor. The satin chrome finish features a brushed look that resists fingerprints and scratches, while the bronze finish provides a classic, timeless aesthetic. Both finishes are attractive and durable options suitable for high-traffic commercial environments.


In addition to the finish, the type of lever function is an important consideration for commercial facilities. We carry lever sets for all common door functions including passage, privacy, entry, office, storeroom, and exit. Passage sets allow free movement between rooms and are ideal for hallways or waiting rooms. Privacy sets feature an internal locking mechanism for restrooms or private offices. Entry and office sets provide external key access for securing spaces like lobby doors or workspaces. Meanwhile, storeroom and exit levers ensure one-direction access to maintenance areas or emergency exit routes. Having the right function is key to optimizing access control and safety.

Fire Safety

At CDF Distributors, we also understand the importance of fire codes and ratings for commercial doors. Our fire-rated commercial doors can withstand flames for up to 90 minutes, meeting the architectural standard for fire protection. We offer custom fire-rated doors in a range of sizes and finishes, complete with compatible commercial lever sets and handles to meet your needs. Protecting your commercial facility and occupants with a fire-rated door and hardware set is an important safety consideration.

Choosing The Right Lever Set

When choosing commercial lever sets and handles, it’s also essential to consider factors like door prep, latch spacing, and strike plate size to ensure proper fitting. Our team has extensive experience specifying commercial hardware and providing clear instructions for smooth installation. For added convenience, you can access instant pricing and shipping times on our website.

In summary, CDF Distributors provides a one-stop-shop for commercial lever sets and handles, ensuring you get the right hardware for your facility at the best value. Key benefits of purchasing your commercial lever sets from CDF include:

  • Durable, high-quality internal components and attractive BHMA-standard finishes
  • Non-handed levers and universal design for easy installation
  • Options for all common commercial door functions and access needs
  • Fire-rated doors and hardware available to meet safety codes
  • Instant pricing and shipping information available online
  • Unbeatable customer service and technical support

With CDF Distributors, you can upgrade your commercial space with secure, stylish lever sets you can count on for years to come. Browse our commercial collection today to find the perfect solution for your building requirements and budget. We provide the selection, value, and service to make your next commercial project a success.







November 9, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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