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As the leaves change colors and the fall breeze sweeps in, building maintenance needs change as well. The temperature drops, and the heating bill shoots up. To better prepare for the winter chill and save money on the electricity bill, try weatherizing your doors with a few simple techniques. It only takes a few minutes and some inexpensive sealing supplies to increase ventilation and weather proof your doors.

  1. Identify Trouble Spots

First off, make sure the door is closed firmly every time it’s closed. This will help with the simple air leakage issues. Next, check for any small leaks or drafts around the edges of the door. Even 1/8 of an inch beneath the door can let in as much air a halfway open small window. Before sealing off the breaches, it’s important to first discover exactly where the leaks are. There are a few different techniques for this, and most work best at night:

  1. Draft Sealing

Weatherproof your doors by sealing all the breaches. Not only can you seal out drafts and energy loss, but also you can prevent leaks of moisture, dust and bugs. This will also help stop mold growth and improve air quality. This will help with resident comfort and health.

  1. Attic Doors

Attic doors are often poorly sealed, which leads to extensive energy loss. Consider installing an attic tent to protect unwanted leakage and save on your energy bill. The tent is an access insulation cover designed to stop air infiltration from the attic flooding into your home. This way you can more effectively seal off the area, since it most likely won’t be lived in.

Now that you’re aware of how to identify trouble spots, seal off the leakages and thoroughly close off the attic, it’s time to get to work. Remember with just a few minutes and DIY supplies, you can significantly decrease your energy bills and utilize temperature control. Contact CDF today!





October 10, 2016
Wayne Foreman