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Exploring the Most Common Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial storefront doors

Commercial doors are manufactured specifically for use in commercial buildings, and they are regulated for safety and compliance. The regulations are designed with the safety of occupants in mind. Modern commercial doors offer solid security and safety, but they also come in a range of styles and materials to suit any commercial premises. Let's look at the the most common types of doors.

Types of Commercial Doors

Because commercial doors are heavily regulated, it is imperative to choose the right doors for the premises. First impressions for shop fronts, restaurants, and showrooms are important, but aesthetics are not enough. 

Commercial entry doors provide much more than just an entry point — they keep the business secure and protected. Modern commercial doors can be customized to suit the aesthetic of any business, yet maintain the required safety features and regulation compliance. The most common types‌ of available commercial doors include:

Commercial Wood Doors 

Modern commercial wood doors are stylish, yet strong, so they are often chosen for their classic good looks. Commercial wooden doors are made with either solid wood, or thin veneer sheets on the outside, and they are wrapped around a core of particleboard, solid timber, or pressed mineral products. 

These doors are used as interior doors as they cannot withstand the elements like a metal door. Commercial wooden doors come as:

  • Solid core single doors
  • Solid core double doors
  • Wood doors with glass kits
  • Wood doors with louvers

Commercial wooden doors are available with a fire rating from 20 to 90 minutes for added protection.

Metal or Steel Commercial Doors

It’s common to use the terms metal and steel interchangeably, but they are actually different materials. Steel is an alloy, and not a pure element, made up of two or more elements — iron and carbon. Metals are naturally occurring and are found in the earth’s crust. 

Steel is more lightweight than elemental iron, it has greater strength, and a higher melting point. All of these factors make steel commercial doors superior in strength and security to other commercial doors built with different materials. Both metal and steel doors can be fitted with glass kits and fire rated for improved protection.   

Glass Doors

Many commercial buildings choose glass entry doors. They offer natural light, high visibility, and a sleek look for any business. Banks, storefronts, medical facilities, offices, and apartment buildings use glass doors. 

Glass entry doors are visually attractive, help customers find you and deter criminal activity. They are highly customizable and easy to operate, making them a popular choice for store owners.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass is lightweight and cost-effective, but it has neither the resilience nor strength of other commercial door materials. Modern fiberglass will combust quicker than wood, and because it is lightweight, it cannot offer the same level of protection as other materials. 

However, there are benefits to fiberglass doors — they are non-porous, low-maintenance, don’t shrink in the elements, and are energy-efficient.

There are a lot of solid choices when it comes to commercial entry and interior doors, and when you buy from a reputable commercial door company, you will receive high-quality doors that will last you many years.

How to Choose the Correct Commercial Doors

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right doors for our business, as you not only want them to look great, but they also need to be secure and functional at the same time. When you are trying to decide which doors are right, consider the following:

  • Your needed level of security
  • Your budget
  • The aesthetic of your business
  • Type of business
  • Are they indoor or exterior doors?
  • How large is the entry?
  • How much fire resistance do you need?
  • How much maintenance will the doors need?
  • Do you need high visibility?
  • What environmental factors need to be considered? 

Once you narrow down what your business requires, the choices become more streamlined. If you’re still unsure what would work best, contact a reputable door manufacturer and discuss your options. 

Leaders in Commercial Door Manufacturing

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June 28, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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