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When you’re building a business with public access, every aspect of your building will say something about your company or brand. This includes the message that your front entry door communicates to potential customers. For this reason, it’s important to consider the type of curb appeal you’re creating with the front door.

The Size of Your Front Door Matters

Even though you might be renting or buying a pre-existing building, modifying your front entryway may be a good investment for your business. The size of your front doors will tell customers about the experience they can expect once they are inside your business.
By looking at your company’s front doors, customers will be able to tell how many people you usually serve at a given time.
For example, large or double-wide doors indicate a bustling business that sees large groups of consumers passing through the entranceway. Conversely, one small or narrow door indicates that your building usually receives two or three visits at a time.
If yours is a company that offers professional services, such as a lawyer’s office or an investment firm, a standard single door will suffice. A grocery store or furniture distributor might want wider doors or a set of double doors with sensors for automatic operation.

Choose the Right Materials for Your Main Entrance

Commercial doors use many of the same materials as residential doors while offering a different range of styles. The most common materials used for commercial doors are glass panes set in steel frames. In addition to being a more economical choice, glass doors tell customers that your business values transparency.
Glass doors are more useful to consumers who like to window shop. They can see the items prominently displayed in the front area of your business, and they can judge at a glance how busy the business is.
A solid wood or vinyl door suggests the business caters to a more select clientele, or it can create a cozier and more welcoming atmosphere. Wood doors give off a more traditional impression, while a colored vinyl door can create a more modern and unique look for your business.
Some businesses use metal doors, but these types of doors create a less welcoming invitation. A solid metal door offers greater protection against crime and harsh weather conditions. It leaves the impression that the business is only open to certain demographics.
The materials and style of door available to you are broad, and you can customize any of them for your business.

What Does the Color of Your Door Say About Your Business?

Anyone with a passing familiarity with psychology knows that colors have a deep impact on the psyche. Each color inspires a different range of emotions, so choosing the right color for your company’s main entrance is vital.


The presence of a black door suggests that the business takes itself very seriously. This color represents power, strength, and an aura of authority. A black door is best suited for law offices and private clubs.


This color can send mixed signals when used on the door to any business. Traditionally, brown suggested friendliness and warmth. However, darker shades of brown give off feelings of solitude and isolation. If you want to use brown for your antique shop or beauty boutique, a lighter shade is better.


The color red in all of its variations is a great way to get your company noticed. People who see your business will be immediately drawn to the red door. Once inside, they will expect excitement and vibrancy. Red is ideal for upbeat restaurants or businesses geared toward children.


Here is another earthy hue but without the ambiguity of brown. When consumers see a green door, they will immediately feel good. Green represents health, well-being, and peacefulness. If you own a healthcare clinic, fitness center, or physical therapy practice, green is your color.

We Can Help You Say Something Special About Your Business

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August 23, 2022
Wayne Foreman