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What Door Frames Resist Warping Best?

When choosing door frames to go with your newly-purchased commercial doors, it’s important to consider the options and select the best one for your business. The types of door frames on offer, and their various uses, are all points to consider before making a purchase. An important factor to consider, however, is how easily the door frames will warp.

Metal Door Frames and Temperature

Metal door frames will warp over time due to a temperature difference on either side of the door. The most dramatic temperature change will occur from inside to outside, so this is a big factor to consider on exterior doors. You have to pay special attention to the door frame chosen for your exterior doors, or you may eventually have to deal with a warped or improperly-fitting door.

However, keep in mind that all door frames are built to withstand a certain amount of heat without failing. Though door frames may warp over time, it won’t happen overnight. All door frames have to have a certain fire rating, meaning they have to survive being directly in a fire for a certain amount of time to be safe for commercial use. 

Fire ratings vary depending on the type of door frame, materials used, and other considerations. Because the temperature of a fire inside a building will be hotter than the average temperature outdoors, these frames can withstand intense heat without warping immediately. However, as time passes, door frames may warp little by little. It might take time for a warp to become noticeable and longer still for it to become a problem.

Knock-Down Metal Frames vs. Welded Metal Frames

Let’s discuss the differences between the two most common types of door frames offered by commercial door companies: knock-down metal frames and welded metal frames.

Both frames are metal door frames, the most commonly used door frame type in commercial door applications. The metal used to create the door can either be aluminum or steel, with steel being the stronger of the two. This type of frame is a hollow frame made of metal that anchors to either side of the wall, be it drywall or concrete. It can be anchored into place using a variety of screws and anchors.

The difference between the two lies in their installation. A knock-down metal door frame is cheaper because it ships disassembled and snaps together at the edges. There is a seam where each piece meets, but it does not get welded together. This manufacturing process helps keep costs down, but it creates an area of vulnerability at the seams of the door frame. These door frames are perhaps not the best if you’re looking for door frames that won’t ever warp.

A welded metal frame, on the other hand, is exactly what it sounds like. This frame is fully assembled at the manufacturing center, and all of the seams are welded together. This creates an entirely seamless door frame that can more easily withstand extreme variations in weather. Customers tend to gravitate to this option because of its seamless appearance and superior rigidity. If you are choosing an exterior-facing door, a welded metal frame may be the better option.

Your Wall Type

There are a few other points to keep in mind when selecting a door frame. It’s important to choose the door frame best suited for your wall type. Whether concrete or drywall, door frames have different anchoring requirements, which will affect how well they resist warping.

Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that you have an ADA-compliant door on your business. The shape of the door and requirements for accessibility may change the way the frame resists warping. It’s important to pay attention to these factors so you won’t have to replace a warped frame in the future. 

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November 12, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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