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If customers or employees feel like opening your office doors is their daily workout, it’s probably time to replace them. Exterior and interior doors should operate smoothly both for convenience and safety.

Replacing doors is an investment in time and money—a task you want done right the first time. If you’ve been waiting for the “perfect time” to have your office doors replaced, our guide can help.

Three Signs Your Office Doors Need to Be Replaced Now

In some cases, the right time to replace a door is right now. Depending on the reason for replacement, you might not be able to put it off for a more convenient time. These signs are indicators that replacing your door can’t wait:

1. They Don’t Lock Properly

Exterior doors that don’t lock securely make your office an easy target for theft. And if the locks on interior doors don’t operate correctly, you may not be in compliance with OSHA regulations.

Malfunctioning locks endanger occupants in the case of fire or other emergencies and could leave them trapped inside. If this is the case, you may be able to temporarily solve the problem by having locks or other hardware replaced instead of installing all-new doors.

2. Damaged Glass

Chips or cracks in glass doors require immediate attention. Even minor damage can compromise the integrity of the door and lead to major problems. From developing into major breaks to offering burglars a good opportunity, a cracked glass door can quickly get out of hand.

Depending on the structure of the door, it may be possible to have an expert replace the glass, but in most cases, it’s best to install a new door.

3. Not Opening or Closing Properly

Office doors that don’t open or close properly pose as much hazard as doors that don’t lock at all. Egress doors need to operate smoothly—opening and closing with the flow of traffic—according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Any door that no longer swings the correct way because of warping or other damage should be replaced immediately.

When an Office Door Replacement Can Wait

Are your doors looking shabby, showing signs of wear and tear? Do customers think your “vintage” doors look cool? If doors aren’t looking their best but don’t pose a safety risk, you can delay replacing them until the time is right.

Interior doors that don’t expose people, equipment, or goods to the elements can be replaced at your convenience. Finding the right time to replace egress doors is the challenge.

The first thing to consider is the workflow of your office. Rule out any time periods that are especially stressful or busy. Anytime you’re expecting big shipments or hosting company-wide meetings is obviously not a good time to have the doors off their hinges.

Depending on the size of your office, door replacement can typically be completed in a day or two. You don’t have to plan for a major construction project. When possible, scheduling the job on a weekend will probably create the least amount of inconvenience for business.

Check the Forecast

Once you’ve omitted the least convenient periods from the schedule, it’s time to consider the weather.

When you have a choice, avoid installation during the most extreme weather conditions—the hottest part of summer, the coldest part of winter, or the wettest part of the rainy season in your area.

Not only will replacement during these times create uncomfortable conditions inside the office, but it could also affect the installation process itself.

And the Winner Is…Spring!

All things considered, spring is the perfect season to replace office doors. The weather is mild, and everyone is in the mood for an office refresh.

Having new doors hung in the spring also gives you plenty of time to notice any problems before severe weather comes. The last thing you want is to have icy wind blowing in the office from a door you just had installed!

Turn to CDF Distributors for All of Your Commercial Door Needs

The doors in a commercial space help make employees and customers feel welcome and secure. So if your doors are in need of replacement, CDF Distributors is here to help! Call CDF Distributors with questions about office door replacement any time of the year.








November 23, 2021
Wayne Foreman