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What is the Difference Between a Particle Core and Mineral Core Door?

When it’s time to purchase a solid core door, it matters what the core is made of. All solid doors are durable. As the name implies, they are filled with some type of material, usually either wood, particle, or mineral composites. Unlike hollow core doors, which are light and easily damaged, solid core doors are dense and made to endure heavy use.

Each type of core door offers advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the application it’s intended for, a certain type of core may be recommended or even required. Cost is a particular consideration when you’re purchasing a core door. Expect the core material to influence the price as much or more than the outer aesthetics.

Fire Doors Explained

Both particle core and mineral core doors are designed to be fire rated. Commercial and other non-domestic buildings must follow strict fire safety guidelines, and fire doors are part of that protocol. The two most important functions of a fire door are:

  • When they’re closed, they act a barrier to stop fire from spreading
  • When they’re open, they indicate a route for escape

Fire doors require regular inspection. Frequency of inspection depends on the condition and age of the doors, as well as local regulations.

All About Particle Core

Particle core, or particleboard core, is essentially a wood door. The inner material is a composite of ground wood that has been glued together and pressurized for strength. A birch laminate is adhered to the outside, resulting in an attractive finish that’s ready to be stained. The addition of optional glass panels, transom lights, and louvers adds versatility and aesthetic appeal to the doors.

This type of wooden door is a great value in the world of commercial doors. They are typically used as interior doors and for fire-rated openings.  Particle cores are available in ratings from 20 to 90 minutes to help control the spread of smoke and fire.

All About Mineral Core

Instead of ground wood shavings, a mineral core is made from a composite of noncombustible minerals. The exact combination of minerals is proprietary to each manufacturer. 

Mineral core doors are lightweight, especially when compared to particle core doors, and are used when fire ratings of 45 minutes or more are required. Due to their light material, it’s difficult to secure screws into a mineral core door. Installation methods usually require wood blocking for the hardware to be fastened.

5 Benefits of a Solid Core Door

So what are the main benefits of a solid core door? Let’s take a look.


Security is the first reason why most people choose a core door. Compared with other types of wood doors, a core door is more durable and resistant to forced entry. Core doors are recommended for both exterior and interior use. Because they come in a variety of styles, core doors are also attractive. They can provide added security without detracting from your building’s design.


Core doors are a high-quality, long-lasting option. The wood used in a core door is resistant to rot and is made to withstand high-traffic use. While they can be a significant investment, solid core doors will stand the test of time.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an often overlooked benefit of using core doors. The solid construction offers enhanced insulation for home or office, keeping conditioned or heated air inside where it is supposed to be.


Soundproofing is another reason that solid core doors are often used in commercial settings, hospitals, schools, and offices. The dense core helps to block noise coming from outside and improves privacy inside any room where they are used. 

This added benefit of soundproofing makes solid core doors the perfect choice for offices in which doctors and therapists practice, as well as in businesses where employees need a distraction-free workspace.


Core doors are customizable and can be accessorized to fit the aesthetics of almost any building.

It is crucial that you order the correct size for your doorframe when you’re purchasing a core door. Unlike some wooden doors, core doors can’t be cut down to fit a frame. However, they can be manufactured to fit the exact shape and size that you need.

CDF Distributors is an industry leader in door supplies. For more information about the benefits of a solid core door or for help understanding which type of door your project requires, call the professionals at CDF Distributors.

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