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What to Do If Your Commercial Glass Door Breaks

Broken commercial glass door

Glass doors are some of the most aesthetically pleasing design options available today. They’re a favorite among many businesses, creating a welcoming and open environment to draw in customers.

Commercial glass doors are strong and durable, but they can be broken through various types of accidents. Business owners should know what steps to take if their commercial glass door breaks.

Is a Broken Glass Door a Major Risk?

The majority of glass doors will be made with tempered glass. This is a type of glass that is heat-treated to make it safer. It’s widely used in applications where glass can expect bumps and jolts. The tempering process makes the glass significantly stronger, so everyday use won’t shatter it.

Tempered glass also has the unique property of breaking into many small pieces instead of large shards. This can greatly reduce the risk of serious injury when the glass breaks. 

For even greater safety, glass doors can be laminated. In this case, tempered glass is held between two layers of clear plastic. If the glass does shatter, the many small pieces don’t scatter because they are held together by the plastic. This is the highest standard of safety for your glass doors.

Securing the Area

The first thing to keep in mind when your commercial glass door breaks is safety. You need to secure the area to prevent anyone from becoming injured by broken glass. You may need to direct customers or employees to another entrance or exit.

Even if you have laminated glass doors, they shouldn’t continue to be used as they can be further damaged and become potentially hazardous. Put up signs to avoid the door and implement a boundary around any broken glass on the ground.

Reach Out to the Right People

If you have reason to believe that an act of vandalism damaged your commercial glass door, then you should reach out to the police and file a report. Review your security footage to find out whether vandalism was the cause.

It can also be appropriate to contact your insurance provider. Many types of damage to your commercial glass door are likely to be covered by insurance, including damage due to vandalism, theft, or certain accidents and natural events. Make sure to take pictures for future reference.

Clean Up the Affected Area

After contacting the police and your insurance provider and taking pictures for future reference, cleanup is the next important step. In many cases, your business may reach out to professional cleaners or damage mitigators to deal with the issue safely.

Broken glass can be very dangerous, so approaching it with the right tools is best. Sweeping and vacuuming most of the glass should be possible, and you should wear closed-toe shoes and gloves thick enough to protect against any cuts.

Temporarily Cover the Area

While you should be able to get a new commercial glass door fairly quickly, it likely won’t be that very day. As such, you will need a temporary solution to secure your business. As a first step, affix a tarp or plastic sheet to prevent the elements and pests from entering.

After that, you can board up the door to secure the premises. Simple plywood is often sufficient for this task. You can reach out to a professional to handle this if you don’t have experience with this kind of work.

Finding Your New Commercial Glass Door

Now that the area around the door is safe and secure, you need to find a new replacement quickly. Even if a boarded-up door keeps your business safe, it’s a major deterrent for any potential customers.

Depending on the type of door you had before, this could be a good time for an upgrade. Consider different styles and additional features that could make your next door even better. You should also take this time to consider improving security if the damage was caused by vandalism or theft.

Commercial Glass Doors Whenever You Need Them

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