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What to Do If Your Storefront Door Is Sticking

There are many different types of commercial doors out there. In general, most storefront doors are going to be some form of a commercial steel door, likely with a large window. These types of doors can develop some unique issues due to their construction and accessories that are different from the problems you’d have with a residential door and require other solutions.

What’s Causing the Issue with Your Door?

OSHA has strict requirements for exit routes, and that includes having a working door. Even if the door hardware itself meets these codes, it has to be kept in working order with proper maintenance and repairs. Over the years, and due to sudden accidents and events, steel doors can develop several different types of damage.


Steel and other metals react to changes in temperature by expanding or contracting in volume. Due to minor variances in alloy composition across the door’s surface, this can lead to bending and warping. This effect can accumulate over time and lead to permanent warping.

When a door is bent out of shape enough, it may no longer open normally. You may find that it takes excessive force to open or close the door, and the repeated physical excursion only damages the door and hardware more over time.

The only real solution here is to replace the door. High-quality commercial steel doors resist warping by ensuring a more uniform metal construction and including elements that reinforce the door at the edges.

Door Hardware

If your door doesn’t open, the problem might not be the door itself. Instead, it could be wear and damage to hardware like the pivots and hinges. 

Many people don’t realize that hardware needs to be properly sized to support the door you have. Inadequate door hardware won’t be able to stand up to the everyday forces of opening and closing and will eventually bend out of shape.

Storefront doors need commercial door hardware to work properly. Residential hinges and other hardware are simply too weak. If your door isn’t closing correctly because damaged hinges are causing it to be askew, the simplest course of action is to replace those hinges with more robust ones.

Door Closers and Automated Openers

Your storefront door very likely has an automated opener that opens the door, based on either a button press or potentially by a motion sensor. Even if you don’t have this, you surely have a door closer to meet relevant fire codes. If either of these accessories breaks, they could be the reason your door won’t open properly.

The problem could actually be a simple matter of recalibrating your door closer. These accessories are adjustable, letting you set the appropriate force and closing time. Your door closer might be set to deliver excessive resistance, preventing your door from closing properly.

What to Check When You’re Having Trouble with Your Door

Even if you do have to replace your door, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right one thanks to ANSI/BHMA standardization for commercial doors. However, there are some things you can check before taking things that far.

Carefully inspect the door frame and hardware for dirt or objects that could be blocking them. This is particularly helpful during the winter months, when ice, snow, salt, or sand could be preventing your door from closing fully. Similarly, check that your weatherstripping isn’t damaged. If it comes unattached and bunches up, this could be jamming your door.

You might also have an issue with your handle or lock. If the bolt of the lock isn’t retracting fully, it will prevent the door from opening. Similarly, the latch of the handle might be stuck in place. These minor door accessories are easier to replace than the door itself, so be sure to inspect them fully before deciding. If you don’t see any clear issues, remember to check the frame itself for structural damage.

Reliable Commercial Doors

CDF Distributors provides many types of storefront doors and can ensure you’re getting the quality you need to have a dependable entryway. You can reach out to our team today for any of your door and door hardware needs.









October 4, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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