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The Importance of Upgrading Your Commercial Door

Commercial Door Hinge

It’s easy to notice when it’s time for some business renovations, such as repairing peeling paint or updating your sign when you change your logo. However, many business owners overlook a crucial component of their business: their commercial door. 

While commercial doors are commonly an afterthought, they are one the most important parts of your business to renovate. Every commercial property owner should make upgrading their doors a top priority for several reasons.   

You Want to Make a Simple Renovation 

When you want to make changes to your commercial space but you need more preparation for a significant project, upgrading your door hardware may be the solution. Replacing these components is a simple yet effective renovation that is relatively inexpensive.  

Your commercial door gets seen and used daily, so your customers and visitors will benefit from the improved functionality and appearance. 

Your Door Is Difficult to Open or Close 

One of the most obvious signs you need to upgrade your door hardware is when visitors have trouble opening and closing it. This difficulty may discourage them from entering your building, or worse, lead to an injury. Sometimes, only certain parts, such as the hinges, may need repairs, meaning you don't have to replace the entire door.  

Proactively providing routine maintenance can prolong the life of the door hardware. Oiling moving parts will protect them from sticking and deters corrosion, which is the primary threat to their function.   

You Notice Components Not Working Properly 

If you notice that your deadbolt is challenging to engage or a draft is coming under the door, that could be a sign that you may need to upgrade your commercial door hardware. These issues could be caused by several things, so you may need to conduct a thorough examination to locate the problem.  

You Want to Create a Better First Impression 

The commercial door is the first thing many people see when they visit your business. It can be welcoming and invite people to look around, or it can deter onlookers from entering your space. Getting rid of worn-out hardware and replacing it with newer, high-quality versions will solidify an excellent first impression.   

You Want to Improve the Quality 

Have you noticed that your door knob or handle doesn't feel solid and well-made? Do the hinges or lock stick? Then, consider upgrading your hardware to improve the quality. Your commercial door shouldn't be difficult to operate, nor should you have to worry about it falling apart. 

Upgrading to high-quality hardware that works and looks better will improve your company's image. 

You Notice There Are Missing Parts 

A missing screw may be simple to replace, but other components are not. Replacing a missing door knob or handle is more complex because you must find one that matches the other hardware in your building. Finding a reputable supplier that carries a wide range of hardware is key to replacing such parts.

Your Hinges Are Squeaking 

Can you hear your door opening and closing from down the hall? If you have tried oiling the squeaky hinges, but it didn't stop the noise, it may be time to upgrade your hardware. 

Replacing the hinges gives you additional options to change the appearance of your door. For instance, faux hinge straps can instantly transform your commercial door, giving it a more rustic feel.  

Your Door Hardware Is the Wrong Grade 

Every piece of door hardware is graded for a specific function. If your hardware is the wrong grade, it can cause your door to succumb to wear and tear faster. You'll want to ensure that your new hardware is the correct grade. When unsure, ask for help to save time and the hassle of returning the wrong product. 

You Want to Increase Security 

Doors are an integral part of your company's security. When entirely intact, the commercial entryway deters criminal activity. But when the hardware is inadequate, it provides little protection from burglars. If you're worried that your business space may be vulnerable, consider reviewing your door hardware.

Confirm the locks work and that the hinges are solid. Verify that an intruder cannot easily access the screws to remove the hinges. If you detect issues with any of these components, it's time to upgrade.    

Upgrade Your Hardware with Us

If you’re ready to upgrade your commercial door hardware, CDF Distributors makes it easy to build and customize your commercial door online, with an exceptional range of products to choose from and instant quote pricing. Contact CDF Distributors to upgrade your business today!








February 16, 2023
Wayne Foreman

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