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Which Kinds of Commercial Doors Are Best for Arenas and Stadiums

Stadiums and arenas are multi-use buildings. Yes, many of us experience these buildings as places to watch sports or concerts. In reality, there is so much more going on. In order to decide which commercial doors are best for arenas and stadiums, you have to consider every function or activity that goes on inside these buildings. Once you do that, you can begin considering which door is the best choice.

What Happens in an Arena or Stadium That Involves Doors

Think of an arena or stadium on the day of a concert or big game.

Ticket Holders

Ticket holders enter the building through exterior doors. They may also work through doors to enter restrooms, VIP areas, and the souvenir shop. They’ll enter the seating area to watch the game or show as well. If there is a parking garage, they may have the option to enter the arena directly from the parking garage.


Employees use secured doors to enter and exit the building. They also use secured interior doors to move between customer access areas and restricted areas. Foodservice workers must move from concession stands to storage or warehouse areas within the building and into customer areas. 

If there is a back-office area in an arena or stadium, employees who work there must be productive without being disturbed by crowd noises. Their work areas must also be secured.

Security staff must quickly access all areas of the building, ensure that people and equipment are kept safe, and monitor all entrances and exits.

Athletes and Performers

Performers, athletes, and employees must be able to move equipment in and out of the building efficiently. They also need a place to prepare and rehearse to ensure their safety and security.

When selecting doors, you must consider all of these activities to ensure that you make the right choice.

Best Arena Door Types

Here are some of the doors that are an attractive and functional addition to an arena or stadium.

Glass Storefront Doors

These are an excellent choice for customers entering and entering the site. These are attractive, modern-looking and ensure that ticket holders know exactly where to exit and enter the building. Additionally, glass storefront doors can be used inside the building as entryways into restaurants or shops within the stadium.

Fire-Rated Doors

Fire-rated doors are a must for any interior space where the public or employees have access. These doors slow the spread of fire from one area of the building to another. 

Anyone purchasing interior doors for an arena or stadium should refer to the regulations that apply to them before buying a fire-rated door. Because of their durability, steel fire-rated doors may be the best choice.

Because of the large numbers of people that may be moving within these buildings at any given time, it’s often advisable to use double doors. These help ensure smooth traffic flow.

Commercial Steel Doors

Commercial steel doors can be interior and exterior doors. They are resistant to break-in attempts and vandalism. These doors also work well with a variety of security systems. 

Other doors are often necessary for stadiums and arenas, as well. For example, interior accordion doors can modify spaces for different uses. It may also be helpful to have garage doors installed for the delivery of larger items.

Door Accessories for Arenas and Stadiums

Stadium and arena doors also usually feature other accessories to make them safer, more secure, and easier to use or populate. These include the following features:

  • Welded metal door frames for cinder block walls
  • Push and pull plates for durability and safety
  • Panic bars and exit devices for emergencies
  • Emergency door alarms to sound upon use
  • Door alarms for building security and access control

Much of this hardware may be purchased when you buy the doors you need for the arena or stadium. However, some of these accessories are aftermarket. If you need to connect your new doors to an existing security system, you should contact your service provider before making those changes.

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August 2, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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