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Which Types of Commercial Doors Are Best at Minimizing Noise?

If it’s time to build or remodel your business, one of the most important things to consider to make your commercial space a comfortable place for staff and clients to do business is what kind of doors you have. A door isn’t just the entrance to your business. They are one of the first features your clients and staff see as they go about their day and are the gateways to the different parts of your office. 

The right commercial door keeps distractions like unwanted noise out and comfort in. If you’re looking for new interior or exterior doors to minimize unwanted noise at your business, CDF Distributors can help find the solid construction door you need.

The Difference Between Sounds and Noise

“Noise” happens when there is a distracting or unpleasant audible experience that you can’t get away from. On the other hand, a “sound” is pleasant. It has the ability to soothe the mind and is usually welcome or even desired. “Sounds” happen when sound waves transfer energy through the air until they hit the ear and vibrate your eardrum. The more vibration there is, the more sound you are able to perceive.

There are several types of sound that the right commercial door will keep in, like:

  • Private conversations and sensitive information
  • Office music or elements of sound therapy
  • Waiting room conversations
  • A calm and quiet atmosphere

Other sounds, or noises, are nothing but distractions. Some noises that you may want to keep out of your business include:

  • Unpleasant noise from traffic like loud cars and trucks
  • Industrial noise from nearby businesses
  • Industrial noise from different parts of your business
  • Hallway conversations and chatter from neighbors

When it’s time to decide which commercial doors are best for your business, choose a material that keeps unpleasant noise out and comfort in. The more information on the common types of commercial doors you have, the more likely you are to create the atmosphere you want for the interior of your business.

Common Types of Commercial Doors

Doors consist of many different kinds of material, come in various popular standard sizes, and use different hardware and accessories to achieve the look and purpose that suits your business needs best. Commercial doors have a standard thickness of 1 3/4 inches, which works to keep out sound when made with the right material. 

Sound class transmission ratings (STC) are a way to measure the acoustic performance of doors. The higher the rating, the more sound is kept out. Solid core doors like steel and solid wood doors keep out more sound than other materials. 

Commercial Steel Doors

One of the most popular commercial doors sold today is steel doors, which offer several benefits. Commercial steel doors are better insulated, are more resistant to crime and theft, outlast many other types of doors by as many as ten years, and have a high fire rating for safety.

Of all the doors mentioned, commercial steel doors are an excellent choice for minimizing industrial noise and noise from outdoors. Some noise is disruptive to business, but some can harm your staff and client’s eardrums when exposure is long-term.

Commercial Wood Doors

Another popular type of commercial door for all kinds of businesses is the solid wood door. These doors are best when building interiors. They are also fire-rated and made with solid core construction. Commercial wood doors come with various features, including glass kits, lights, vents, and more.

A commercial wood door with no windows or vents is a great choice to control interior business noise. Whether you want your conference rooms more private or want to minimize background noise that distracts from work, a solid wood door may be the right choice for you.

Ready to Choose Commercial Doors for Your Business?

Now that you know what kinds of sounds you want to keep in and noises you want to keep out, let a professional help select the best interior and exterior doors for you. Call or contact CDF Distributors now to schedule an appointment for more information about the commercial doors that are right for your business. 







August 2, 2021
Wayne Foreman

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