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5 Elements You Must Consider When Picking Your Storefront Door

How do you select the perfect door for your storefront? If you’re remodeling or building a store from scratch, this is a question you’ll need to answer. Commercial doors aren’t cheap, and neither are the contractors who install them. You want to make the right decision and not a costly mistake. To do that, consider the following five elements.

  1. Aesthetics And Functionality Are Both Important

You’ll want to choose a door that fits your store’s overall look and feel as well as the rest of your building. For example, if your store is in a sleek, modern retail center, you might choose a glass and aluminum storefront door to create a streamlined look. Conversely, if your store is in a historic district, you may be expected to follow specific requirements in terms of size, color, and style.

How will people use your door? Will they be entering and exiting with packages or strollers? Do you expect there will be people entering and leaving at the same time? Once people are inside, will they expect some level of privacy?

It’s essential to answer questions like these so that you can get a clear picture of the functionality you’ll need. Consider the following questions:

  • Will you need a double or single door?
  • Should your door swing in one or both directions?
  • What about accessories such as built-in doorstops?

Ideally, the door you choose will be attractive and contribute to a better customer experience.

  • Ensure You Are Code Compliant

Even though they are based on international standards, building codes can vary from place to place. To avoid any issues, you should contact your local government offices to learn regulations, requirements, and any restrictions regarding the door you choose.

It’s also imperative that the door you choose will allow you to remain in compliance with ADA guidelines. For example, the open width of the door must be a minimum of 32 inches. Finally, don’t forget compliance with fire codes and regulations.

  • Think About Building Security 

Your storefront door is vital when it comes to building security. You want a door that will lock securely when your store is empty and closed. If there’s an emergency, it’s also essential for your staff to quickly and easily secure any exterior doors. Most store owners want a door that can stand up to an attempted break-in and that has a lock that a skilled burglar doesn’t easily breach.

Of course, you’ll also want to choose a door that can be wired into your current security system. Finally, you will need to think about access control. If you need employees to access your store after hours, you could add a keyless entry system using security badges or other options. That will allow you to give access to those who need it without distributing additional building keys.

  • Your Choice of Door Can Impact Customer Comfort

It may not be as important as your heating or cooling system, but the door you choose can affect comfort and air quality. For example, a door made entirely of glass could let enough sun in to heat your space or cause glare. In that case, you’d want to choose a tinted glass or add some kind of shade element. 

If your business is in an area known for beautiful weather, you might want to add a doorstop to prop your front doors open. These help provide fresh air and create a welcoming storefront. On the other hand, cold weather might motivate you to add weather stripping and choose a solid and durable door.

  • Keep Your Budget in Mind

Whatever door you choose for your entryway, you have to stay within your budget. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for purchasing the door, delivery, and installation. There may also be permit fees and other charges. All of this will impact the bottom-line price you will pay. Create a priority list of features that are must-haves versus those that are nice to have but optional.

Final Thoughts: Build Your Own Storefront Door

You may be able to find a prefabricated door that is perfect for you. Many don’t. Instead, you can build the door you want and get a quote from CDF Distributors.

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