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5 Helpful Tips for Painting a Commercial Metal Door

Painting a Metal Door

Commercial metal doors are strong and secure. They last for decades when they’re maintained. However, commercial metal doors receive heavy usage, and exposure to moisture can cause them to rust, making them look shabby. 

If your commercial metal doors are still in good working order but have paint peeling and are a little rough around the edges, you don’t need to replace them. Providing them with a new paint job can breathe new life into them at a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

Where to Start

It’s okay to be a little nervous about painting your metal commercial doors; after all, it’s a big project. But these 5 helpful tips will boost your confidence and encourage you to give it a go. 

1. Clean Them

The first step in painting anything is to provide the surface with a good clean. A metal door that has dust, dirt, and rust requires cleaning before you start any treatment. Brush off any coated dirt or dust, then wipe the door down with a dry cloth. 

A mixture of dishwashing soap and warm water makes an ideal degreaser and cleaner. Give each door a thorough wash, and then wipe dry with a clean, soft cloth. Ensure each door is completely dry before you start painting it.

2. Don’t Remove Them

There’s no doubt that painting a door while it’s lying flat is a lot easier than painting one that’s still hanging, but there are good reasons to keep your doors in place. First, commercial metal doors are extra heavy to remove and then rehang.

Second, as the door is in a commercial building or is even the entry door, you need to ensure the security of the building is not compromised by removing the door. The less time the door is left open, the better in terms of safety.

You may need to be extra careful with dripping and splatter, but painting a door while it’s in place saves a lot of time and effort.

3. Don’t Paint over Peeling Paint

If your metal door has peeling or flaking paint, you will need to strip it before repainting. An aerosol paint stripper is a quick way to remove the paint, or you can opt for a heat gun. 

Avoid anything abrasive that will damage the metal. If you use a paint stripper, ensure there is plenty of good ventilation as there will be fumes. Always wear a mask for protection. Once the paint is removed, you will need to sand back the surface of the door and prime it correctly.

4. Choose the Right Paint

Metal commercial doors come primed, so while many websites recommend you prime the metal door first, it’s not necessary unless it’s bare or you have peeled and sanded it. 

You have the option of using direct-to-metal paint if there are bare patches. CDF Distributors’ metal doors are primed and finished with a premium durable powder coating. We can also paint your metal door in the custom color of your choice.

The best paint to use on a metal door is quality acrylic-latex paint for exteriors. Choose a gloss or semi-gloss as they last longer and are easy to wipe off and clean.

5. Color Matters

Color psychology has proven that color matters. If your commercial metal door is a back door or one that is just used for workers, it makes sense to paint it white, or another color that will hide dust and dirt. 

But if your commercial metal door is at the front of your business or is highly visible, the color you choose says a lot about your business. For example:

  • Orange denotes high-energy and emotional well-being
  • Gray is comfortable and welcoming
  • Black denotes success and sophistication
  • Green exudes warmth and open-mindedness
  • Pink promotes harmony and romance
  • Blue is trustworthy
  • Red creates a sense of urgency

Think about the message you want to relay to consumers about your business and work with the color that represents that message.

While painting your metal commercial doors seems daunting, it can actually be a way to boost the appearance of your business and give it a mini face-lift. However, if you’re still unsure whether you want to tackle it, call an expert. Whether you paint it yourself or have it done by a professional, you still reap the benefits of a freshly painted door. 

Need a New Commercial Metal Door?

At some point, your metal commercial door will need more than a facelift. CDF Distributors manufactures a large range of high-quality commercial doors for interior and exterior use. Contact us today for your new door and experience our fast delivery and exemplary customer service.

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