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6 Reasons to Choose an Insulated Commercial Door

Commercial storefront doors

When it comes to choosing commercial doors, you have dozens of options that can meet your facility’s needs. Whether you're more concerned with weather-resistant materials or protection against intruders, there's a perfect type of door for you.

One quality you might not have considered, however, is insulation.  

Insulated commercial doors can benefit business owners beyond keeping the room at a stable temperature. There are many reasons to think about purchasing a commercial door with insulation.

What Is an Insulated Commercial Door?

Insulated commercial doors have insulating materials inside. This extra layer protects your building from fluctuations in temperature — heat and cold are more likely to remain inside if they’re not escaping through your door.

There are two primary materials used for insulating commercial doors. Polystyrene, also known as Styrofoam, is used in many commercial doors and is available in numerous densities for more options.

Polyurethane is a liquid form of Styrofoam that comes in a spray can. Your installer can spray it into any openings in or around your commercial doors to seal them. Because polyurethane is a liquid, it easily fills in the gaps to close the space. 

Benefits of Choosing an Insulated Commercial Door 

Without insulation, a commercial door can leak cold air into your comfortable, heated interior space. This lack of temperature regulation can make your customers and employees uncomfortable, underscoring the need for effective insulating materials.

But having a door with insulation provides additional benefits that go beyond mere comfort.

1. Energy Efficiency 

An insulated commercial door has additional thermal protection compared to uninsulated doors. These extra layers help keep your building from leaking conditioned or heated air. Consequently, your HVAC system won't have to work as hard, and your energy costs will go down.

2. Helps Block Noise 

Depending on your location, you may be surrounded by other busy, noisy commercial spaces. You may want to reduce the amount of noise entering your property, which is something insulation can help with. Insulation keeps the sounds you want to hear in and those you don’t out, limiting the impact your noise has on your neighbors and vice versa.

3. Climate Control 

Some businesses, such as cafés and bookstores, want their patrons to enjoy a more comfortable environment. Others, like meat packing plants and food stores, may need to protect their products from heat and humidity.

Buildings with temperature-sensitive products benefit from having insulated commercial doors, as they mitigate the effects of temperature change during any season.   

4. Durability 

Commercial doors often take a beating. Whether from bad weather, wear and tear, or repeated slamming from people in a hurry, your facility’s doors go through a lot. Adding a layer of insulation can increase the density of your doors and provide some cushioning, helping them withstand impact and other stresses. 

5. Lower Insurance Premiums 

Business owners are always looking for ways to cut costs, and one of the best ways you can save money is by reducing your insurance premiums. Having one or more insulated commercial doors could help. Along with providing extra protection, these doors show your insurance provider that you care about maintaining a safe facility. 

Your insurer will appreciate your steps to safeguard your premises from severe weather and extreme temperature changes. They may discount your policy, allowing you to use the money you save in other areas.  

6. Increases Security 

Another advantage of commercial doors’ exceptional durability is that it makes them break-in resistant. However, no door is 100% effective. Although nothing can make your doors completely tamper-proof, a little insulation can go a long way. 

Having multiple layers of material equates to numerous layers of security. For instance, insulated glass or filled steel commercial doors can help thwart thieves trying to gain unlawful entry into your business.

Are Insulated Commercial Doors Worth It? 

Insulated doors often come with a heftier price tag because of their dependable protection from inclement weather, would-be burglars, and everyday wear and tear. Even so, they’re a worthy investment. For most business owners, there are far too many benefits to be had to justify passing up on a set of insulated commercial doors. For more information about insulated commercial doors, contact CDF Distributors.

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