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6 Tips for Cleaning Office Doors

Cleaning Door Handle

Office doors are some of the most heavily used and trafficked areas of a business. No matter what the nature of your business is, your office doors will experience wear and tear and get dirty over time. 

Adding office doors to your regular cleaning list is the best way to protect and maintain your doors, ensure that they last longer, and improve the safety and sanitation of your business. Here are 6 tips for cleaning office doors:

1. Remove Dirt First

Even if your door doesn’t appear to have any dust or dirt buildup on the surface, you may be surprised to find what’s there when you start to clean. It’s best to use a tool like a brush or a rag with water to remove dirt before applying any cleaning solution.

Removing dirt first will ensure that you get a complete clean. It also allows your cleaning materials to fully penetrate the surface of the door rather than act as a simple debris remover. This method will save you from needing to use additional cleaning solution for multiple passes.

2. Pay Attention to Door Material

The type of door you have should inform your method of cleaning. Metal doors should be cleaned using dishwashing soap and warm water. You can mix the solution in a spray bottle for easy application. A rag or a sponge is all you need to thoroughly clean the door, and it can be rinsed with plain water.

A wooden door should only be cleaned with water or a wood-safe cleaning solution. You can also consider using furniture polish to add extra shine to the door. Finally, glass doors can be cleaned with soap and water but should be finished with a glass cleaner spray that removes any remaining debris from the glass.

3. Use Gentle Cleaning Solutions

There are dozens of surface and door cleaning solutions on the market. While some claim to be highly effective in removing dust, dirt, and germs, they may also include harsh chemicals that can damage your door over time. The best option is to use gentle cleaning solutions that won’t wear off the finish or soak into your door.

Some cleaning solutions can also leave residue behind, and some chemicals may be harmful to employees or business visitors. Cleaning residue can be especially dangerous for kids, the elderly, and those who are immunocompromised.

4. Spend Extra Time on Door Handles

Door handles are the most heavily-touched area of the door. They are a breeding ground for germs and debris. Make sure to spend extra time cleaning this area and use tools to remove any stuck-on dirt or debris. 

If you neglect to fully clean your door handles, they can eventually harbor buildup, which is not only unsanitary but can lead to excess wear and tear on the surrounding area. Consider using a special tool like a sponge or brush to ensure you are removing all of the dirt and buildup from this area.

5. Clean Regularly

It can seem like an extra chore to clean your office doors, but the more often you clean, the easier each cleaning will be. Depending on how heavily trafficked your business is, you may need to clean your door each day. 

Some businesses may be able to get away with cleaning just once a week. A good in-between option is to do a daily wipe down, with intermittent deep cleanings throughout the month.

6. Clean After Office Hours

Cleaning office doors should be a chore completed after business hours when customers and employees are not trying to use the door. The door needs to dry properly in order for your solutions to work as intended, which isn’t possible in the middle of business traffic. 

In addition, if you are using finishing materials like glass cleaner or wood treatment, that’s not something you want customers touching when they enter or exit your business. It’s best and most efficient to start the cleaning process well after people have left the facility for the day.

Top Quality Office Doors

If you regularly clean your doors and repair them when needed, they should last at least 20 to 30 years. When they need replacing, call the professionals at CDF Distributors for the highest quality office doors.

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