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How to Maintain Your Commercial Entry Doors


Commercial doors have a very specific role, which is where they differ from residential doors. A commercial door is designed to be opened and closed repeatedly, so they are built to withstand vigorous use. 

Constructed of metal, wood, or glass, commercial doors are strong and durable, made to last for many years. But even though they are made to last, your commercial entry doors require maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.

Why Do Commercial Entry Doors Require Maintenance?

Commercial entry doors are the way in and out of your business, and you need them to be fully functional. Not only are they the entry point, but when your business is closed, your doors provide security to what’s inside. They are the first line of defense.

Modern commercial entry doors can be fire-rated and hurricane-rated, which means that the protection they provide is crucial to your safety. Regular maintenance of your commercial entry doors will ensure they continue to protect your business and employees when needed the most.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Entry Doors

If your commercial front entry door malfunctions, it will disrupt your business and the traffic flow in and out of the premises. The best way to prevent malfunctions is regular maintenance and fast repair if any damage is detected. 

Your best place to start preventing problems is to have professionals install high-quality commercial doors from CDF Distributors. It may be tempting to cut costs and install a lesser-quality door, but a high-quality commercial entry door is an investment in your business. 

If the doors are only opened a few times a day, they will require maintenance at least once per year, but any more usage than that requires quarterly maintenance. Make sure you schedule the maintenance in advance so that it will not be overlooked. Maintenance should include the following steps:

Thorough Inspection

All maintenance starts with an inspection of the doors. This inspection includes checking for signs of rust and any wear and tear. Check the hinges and locks, closers, handles, rubber seals, and door frames. 

If the door is glass, look for tiny cracks or scratches. Metal doors need to be checked for dents and any bowing or scraping. Make a habit of inspecting the door regularly and repairing any damage as soon as it's noticed.

Tighten Loose Parts

A screwdriver is all you need to tighten any loose parts. Check for missing screws and replace them immediately. A heavily used commercial entry door has to withstand a lot of pressure so screws can come loose.

Lubricate Hinges and Locks

Start by giving hinges and locks a good clean with a damp cloth, and then dry them off and apply the lubricant. A silicone spray is ideal for lubricating the hinges and locks to ensure they glide smoothly and prevent rust. Lithium grease is also a good option, and it has the benefit of being dust-resistant.

Clean the Doors

Commercial entry doors are touched and used continually, so they require a good clean every few months. Start by dusting the metal doors with a dry, clean cloth. Use a dishwashing soap in warm water and give the door a good clean. When you’re done, wipe them off with a soft rag.  

Clean Around the Doors

The entry to your commercial premises should be kept clean and clutter-free to allow the door to open and close without interruption and to prevent traffic flow issues. 

Ensure that your commercial doors aren’t being propped open using any type of makeshift door stop, as this will damage the door and the hinges. Clear any dirt or debris from the floor under the door to prevent scraping.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep your commercial entry doors functioning effectively, but at some point, they will need to be replaced. However, well-maintained commercial doors will outlast unmaintained doors by years. 

High-Quality Commercial Entry Doors 

If you are regularly maintaining your commercial doors and having all damage repaired promptly, you should get between 20 and 30 years out of them, but eventually, they’ll need replacing. If your business is ready for new doors, call the professionals at CDF Distributors for high-quality commercial entry doors.












June 16, 2022
Wayne Foreman

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