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Broken commercial glass door

Your entrance often serves as a customer’s first impression of your business. It's also your first line of defense against intruders and the elements. If your commercial door is damaged, your business is vulnerable, with the safety of your employees and customers at risk. 

Proper and routine maintenance will help keep your commercial doors secure and looking fresh. However, there are also eight common mistakes you can avoid to prevent damage to your commercial doors and reduce your likelihood of paying for expensive repairs.

1. Keeping Foreign Objects in the Way 

Plants and decorative pots spruce up an entryway and make it look warm and inviting. Properly placed greenery draws attention to a storefront, adding to its uniqueness. But putting these decorations too near the entrance can damage your doors, as doors may swing into them.    

Before settling on a final position, carefully test the door by swinging it open and closed. This will alert you to any problems with this location. This is especially crucial in the case of glass doors. If your glass doors crack or shatter, you may have to replace the glass. 

2. Leaving a Narrow Entrance Unprotected 

A small or narrow entrance makes it difficult for doors to open and close. With glass doors, this can cause your door to chip or crack when the door contacts the outer wall. 

You can avoid this damage by installing door bumpers on the outside of the door. You can also install pneumatic door closers to help the door shut gently instead of swinging shut. 

3. Not Repairing Misaligned Doors 

Occasionally, your commercial doors will become misaligned. Address this repair promptly. If left off-center, they will definitely succumb to damage by chipping as they stick to the door frame. Regular maintenance appointments will keep your doors centered and working correctly.   

4. Neglecting Your Weatherstripping 

The rubber seal surrounding the outside of your doors is called weatherstripping. This material protects the frame from damage due to the weather and moisture buildup. Weatherstripping also helps ensure the door closes tightly.

Unfortunately, over time, this rubber material becomes loose or cracked. Regular door maintenance includes checking the condition of the weatherstripping, which lets you know when it's time to replace it. An adequate seal on the exterior door helps regulate the indoor temperature, saving you money on your energy bills. 

5. Ignoring Gaps and Voids 

Installing a commercial door isn't an exact science. Inevitably, you'll notice the gaps and voids present in yours. Although this won't affect how the doors work, it could cause future problems and should be addressed as soon as you notice them. 

6. Not Preparing for Accidental Damage 

The longer you are in business, the more likely your business will experience an accidental break to your doors or windows. Kids playing on the sidewalk, staff hurrying through the doors, or even a car crashing through are all potential sources of damage to your commercial doors.  

These incidents can't always be avoided, so the best action is protection. Have adequate property insurance, so you know you'll get the damage repaired quickly. You can also work with a local professional glass installer to discuss your options for safe materials, such as tempered glass.  

7. Keeping Worn-Out Parts 

Broken hinges are uncommon in commercial doors, but they can get squeaky. The solution is relatively simple. Ensure they are being oiled regularly to provide lubrication. 

Commercial door springs may break because of constant wear and tear. Frequently used doors often mean good business, but your springs will wear out sooner. You can have springs replaced, sometimes with premium options that are bigger and stronger. This makes them ideal for long-term use. 

8. Hiring an Unqualified Contractor 

Your commercial doors may have issues from the very beginning. These problems were likely caused by mishaps or oversights during the installation process, which created long-term effects on the glass. 

With improper installation, your door will become weaker over time, eventually needing costly repairs. Always partner with a licensed and insured contractor with an outstanding reputation to avoid a faulty installation.

There are many ways that a business can accidentally damage its commercial doors. Fortunately, many of these things can be avoided with caution, proper care, and preventive maintenance.  

For more information on how to avoid damage to your commercial doors, or to replace yours, contact the commercial door experts at CDF Distributors today.









November 15, 2022
Wayne Foreman