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Commercial Entrance

As a business owner, you always want to improve your business; one way to do that is through renovations. Whether remodeling or making a few simple changes, it can be crucial to your company's success. One aspect that often gets overlooked is updating your entrance.
When you're making renovations, consider upgrading your commercial door to help attract new business. But that's not the only reason to focus on your entrance.

Creating Curb Appeal

Your business must be inviting to achieve customer satisfaction. But it's hard to get customers to walk through the door when your entrance is unappealing. Improving the curb appeal has many benefits. These benefits include: increased foot traffic, better sales numbers, and increased property value.
Upgrading your commercial door isn't hard to do. You can keep it simple by pressure washing or repainting the surface. However, replacing your entry may be the better option for your business.

Why Upgrading Your Entrance Attracts New Customers

Attracting new clients is one struggle business owners continuously face, especially with technological advances. Everyone knows you can buy almost anything online. However, customers who want new shoes or clothes will probably look for a nearby store.
Customers won't make the drive because it's more convenient than ordering online. Instead, old and new customers come to your store for an experience that begins with your storefront entrance. Updating your commercial entry will help bring those new customers through your checkout line and return another day.

New Doors Look Cleaner

You may miss out on new customers if you've managed a successful business for years and never upgraded the exterior.
Your entrance makes the first impression on any potential consumer, and it's a known fact that customers like clean, well-maintained areas. When your door looks outdated or filthy, the appearance may cause new patrons to take their business elsewhere.
After installing your new door, you should have it professionally washed a few times a year to keep a clean, inviting appearance.

Helps Grow Your Business

Every business owner wants their business to grow. The best way to do this is to attract more customers to your building. A simple upgrade to your entrance can help with that by increasing foot traffic. It may require outside research to learn more about what your customers want to see and what your competition is doing.

Improves Security

Customers want to feel safe while they are inside any business. This could be one of the most important reasons to update your commercial entrance. Customers want to know that you're committed to safety within your business and deterring criminal activity.

Keeps Your Branding Current

As your business evolves, your branding will too. But as you change your color scheme or logo, you'll want to upgrade your commercial door to match.
This upgrade may include new door decals with the current logo or a fresh coat of paint to match the interior. You'll want new customers to quickly identify your business as they search through a street of retailers.

Prevents Existing Customers from Complaining

As much as you hate receiving them, customer complaints tell you a lot about the business. If current customers complain about your entrance, you need an upgrade. Whether they complain because it looks outdated or because of damage, show your customers you value their input and invest in a new entrance.
Listening to your current clientele will make them feel valued as customers, and they'll continue spreading the word about your business.

Maintain Your Fresh Entrance to Maintain Customers

After you've invested the time and money in updating your commercial entrance, keeping up with the maintenance and repairs is crucial to continually attract new customers. After all, if your storefront and commercial entrance aren't inviting customers in, you've already failed at converting window shoppers into paying customers.

Upgrade Your Commercial Entrance with CDF Distributors

If you're ready to help your business grow by upgrading your door, call the experienced pros at CDF Distributors. We'll help you find the best door to improve your curb appeal!













August 16, 2022
Wayne Foreman