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Commercial Door Installations: How to Prepare

Commercial Glass Storefront Doors

Whether you’re having commercial doors installed for the first time or are replacing current doors, it’s a large undertaking that you need to be prepared for. 

If you are installing the door yourself or you have commissioned a contractor, some preparation work is required. The better prepared you are, the smoother the installation process will be. 

How Long Does Installation Take?

A simple commercial door installation will take an experienced contractor from 30 minutes to an hour, but it can take considerably longer for more complicated door setups. Hiring a reputable contractor will keep the installation time to a minimum, and they will have all of the correct tools and equipment.

Installation Preparation Tips

Because the commercial door installation process is involved, and it includes steering around business activities and groups of people, preparation is vital to keep things running smoothly. Some preparation tips to help you navigate the process include:

Consider Traffic Flow

Commercial door installation will disrupt productivity unless you can have it performed on a day that your business isn’t operating. This solution often isn’t an option, so the first thing you’ll need to organize is rerouting the traffic flow in and out of the building through another door if you are having entry doors installed.

The contractor will need a lot of room to perform the installation, so block access to the entry from the inside and outside and have a staff member direct the traffic flow if necessary. 

Clear the Work Area

The safety of the contractor, staff, and customers is of vital importance, so ensure that the area around the door is clear and set up barriers to contain the installation process. 

Security is another issue if entry doors are missing, as this will allow direct access to the premises. Depending on the type of business you’re in, security guards are an option. You might also consider a barrier erected to stop entry. 

Consider the Weather

The weather is another consideration as the last thing you want is an open space at the front of the building during heavy snow or a sweltering hot day. 

Fall is a good time to have the doors installed as the weather is milder, and there are fewer bugs to keep out. Weather extremes are also best avoided to reduce the expanding and contracting of the materials. 

Unfortunately, a door installation may be required as a matter of urgency, and in that case, you have no option to wait for better weather. You can still help by keeping the work area clear and waiting until the last moment before removing the current doors.

Confirm Delivery and Contractor

The last thing you need is a door that doesn’t make it on time or a contractor who doesn’t show. When you order your high-quality commercial doors from CDF Distributors, you can be assured your doors will turn up fast and on time. We strive to be the fastest in the industry, and we work hard to keep our commitment. 

Once you have scheduled a contractor to perform the installation, confirm the booking two days prior and then again the day before to check that there are no delays. Spend time finding a reputable contractor to work with.

Have the Right Equipment

If you’re a competent handyperson and will be installing the commercial door yourself, have all of your equipment ready. A reputable commercial door manufacturer will have installation instructions available with a list of tools, equipment, and hardware you need to install the door. 

When you have this prepared a few days prior to the installation, you have time to chase up anything that you may have missed. If you are a novice, make sure you research the local building codes and guidelines so that you know you are installing the door and hardware correctly and lawfully.

Have Keys or Accessories Ready

How you secure your commercial entry door is something to consider. Do you have keyless entry, keys, sensors, card swipes, or automatic openers? Once the door is installed, you will need to be able to enter and exit immediately, so have security codes, cards, or keys ready.  

Don’t Forget the Paperwork

Commercial doors are bound by building codes and safety regulations, so all paperwork will need to be in order prior to scheduling the installation. An expert installer will be up to date with the codes and standards so consider a professional installation to ensure you have all of the correct paperwork and permits.

Order a New Commercial Door 

CDF Distributors manufacture top-quality commercial doors to suit any business at affordable prices. Contact us today for expert advice on a new commercial door, or build a quote on our easy-to-use online template.

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