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Double vs. Single Steel Doors: 6 Ways to Decide Which is Best for Your Business

Commercial steel doors can be a great addition to your business. Industry experts agree that steel doors offer greater energy efficiency, as well as greater security than other materials. Of course, once you’ve decided on your material, you face a second choice:  Should you go for single or double steel doors?

In this post, we’ll offer six questions to help you decide whether single or double steel doors are right for your business.

1. Are Your Steel Doors Being Used for the Exterior?

Location matters. If you’re planning on using steel doors for your building’s exterior, you may already be thinking about double steel doors.

Retailers, for example, often prefer to use insulated glass doors for their storefront, but may opt for commercial steel doors for a rear entrance or as an entryway to their stockroom. 

If you operate a store without a traditional loading dock, you may want to have double steel doors in the rear of your shop to provide space for moving pallets of merchandise. Other types of business may have similar needs, as double steel doors can offer more room to move larger equipment or products in and out of the building.

Additionally, if your business has a lot of employees, double exterior doors can allow a smoother flow of personnel in and out of the building, which could be particularly important if your business has a lot of regular shift changes.

2. Are Your Steel Doors Being Used for the Interior?

Steel doors can also be used for the interior of your business. They serve well as an entry point to a stockroom, stairwell, or warehouse.

A door to a stockroom or stairwell can often be a single door. This may especially be helpful for “employees only” types of rooms like stockrooms. A single door is often best when you want to separate employee space from public areas that can be accessed by customers.

3. Can You Spare the Wall Space?

Industry experts caution that warehouse space is at a premium. Double steel doors may allow greater ease of access, but they can also subtract from your total wall space. If space is already limited at your business, you may consider using a single door to prevent losing space in your stockroom, breakroom, or other areas.

4. How Large is Your Interior Entryway?

Even if your doors open toward the outside, you may wish to consider the size of the interior entryway where the door will be placed. 

If your entryway is already somewhat crowded, double doors may seem overkill. By allowing more people to walk through, you might only make the space feel more confined. 

Single doors work best for small entryways, which is why they tend to be perfect for stairways, fire exits, and doorways to smaller rooms.

5. How Will the Type of Door Enhance Safety?

Your state’s fire codes already demand that you provide safe, reliable exits from your building. If your business has a lot of employees, you may consider double doors to allow more people to exit your facilities in a timely manner.

At the same time, single doors can be used for doorways you’d prefer to keep secure. If your business occupies a larger building, it may be harder to monitor multiple entry points. Single steel doors may be more easily concealed from unfriendly eyes, offering increased security for your business.

6. Will You Need to Alter Your Existing Doorway?

Finally, you may need to consider your existing doorway. If you’re replacing a single door with a pair of double doors, you’ll obviously need to do some renovations to accommodate a new type of doorway. You’ll need to consider how these potential renovations might impact your overall budget.

Find Double and Single Steel Doors at CDF Distributors

At CDF Distributors, we offer both double and single steel doors that can be used for a variety of applications. Our doors are available with glass, louvers, and special hardware. Our doors meet strict safety guidelines and many are fire-rated for up to 3 hours. 

When you’re ready to explore your commercial steel door options, use our custom “Build a Quote” tool to explore your options!

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